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Your choices don’t have to be gold-that’s your choice : )
If you’re referring to your gains, if both of them are gold and selected, you don’t want that-you only want one gain selected and in gold.
You have to reset your flags and play through different options, your readers don’t.

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Please elaborate on what you mean. I’m kind of confused.

Your choices don’t need to be the color gold. You can add that in if you want.

Okay I understand now. Hopefully, my readers while be able to see the outcome of the choice that they chose :slight_smile: Thanks for taking the time out to help me. You helped me a lot and I appreciate it.

No problem : )

In case anybody needs this:

Repost from the wonderful @Apes :sunglasses::sparkling_heart:

Also, this is what some of these choices look like when you use these commands:


How to add Gem Choices in your stories, according to the Episode Guides:

So, it would look something like this:

choice (NAME)
< GEMS >“Choice 1”{
Scene for choice 1 goes here.
}“Choice 2”{
Scene for choice 2 goes here.

*By the way, you can include more than 2 options for a choice.

Also, you don’t need to be part of the Writer’s Payment to qualify-read this, which is also from the Episode guides:

Hope this helps anybody who wants to add a gem choice in their story!

Remember that you could always check out the Episode guides and this thread regarding gem choices: Community Author Gem Choices are here for everyone!

Also, a gem choice looks like this:

Photo credit-From the Episode Guides.

Good luck!


You are so helpful, Jem :heart_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:


Thank you friend, you’re helpful, too :vampire::facepunch::sparkling_heart:

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Hi, can someone help me create a camera shake template for this scene in my story?

Here’s how to make the screen shake:

You can look at the template on to see how it’s done:

This script template uses these zooms to give off a camera shake effect:

@zoom on 126 160 to 155% 0.1
@zoom on 126 0 to 155% 0.1
@zoom on 126 160 to 155% 0.1
@zoom on 126 0 to 155% 0.1

As you can see there’s a pattern and you can even play around with the numbers ^^

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I can’t get the camera to stay on the characters when the camera shakes

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Bumping this : )

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What do you prefer?
1 or 2 choices per episode which change the whole plot, or a lot of basic choices? :thinking:

I would go with the 1 or 2 choices that change the plot heavily : )
Most readers, I believe, like making choices that have a big impact on the story ^^


Inside of an if/elif/else I have a locked choice and I need to put a label there so that the reader can go back and choose again because the choice is locked (hehe does this make sense?). Anyways, my script says that I can’t put a label inside an if/elif/else thing, so I was wondering what I can do instead? Thanks in advance, it’s so nice of you to create a thread like this!

Oh nevermind, I figured it out :sweat_smile:

Glad to hear :wink: