JemU776's Help Thread

Thank you I’ll try that :blush:

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heeeeeeey… :sweat_smile:

So i fixed the other one thanks but… i have a new problem

On line 795, add another }

So you’d have 2 closing brackets.

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Thank you ur a life saver

Do u want me to credit you in my story?

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Nah, I’m good, you don’t have to, I just like helping :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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So I need help with zooming, So basically I want the zoom to be focused at her boots, like when she enters into the scene and walks to a spot, I want the zoom to follow to that spot but I want to zoom to be only focused at her boots. How do I do that

First place her at the spot where she enters and zoom down to her boots. Then place her at the spot she exits and zoom down to her boots. Note those coordinates as well.

So if she’s coming in from screen left, first place her screen left and zoom in on her boots. Then place her at screen right, where she exits, then zoom down.

So ex:

&zoom on X Y to #% in 0
&CHAR spot 1.280 90 0 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND CHAR faces right

&CHAR walks to spot 1.280 400 0 in zone 1 in 3
@zoom on X Y to #% in 3

Replace X Y with numbers and 3 is the time in seconds. # is a number. X is left to right direction (can just change that) while Y, second number is up-down

(lower numbers left, down)
(higher numbers up, right)

This is assuming 1 zone. More than 1 zone: 🌹 HOW TO: Pan + Zoom at the same time + Extra Material 🌹

If you still need help:

1 ) tell me how many zones she is walking across (I’m assuming static BG as opposed to looping)
2) what boots she is wearing
3 ) what walking/running animation are you using (limelight correct)
4) From what spot she is coming from and walking to (spot coordinates)

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Thank you very much, it worked