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Need a text message scene in your story?



Is custom backgrounds a plus?

Custom backgrounds are cool and add an awe factor but I’ll still read a story even though it has no custom BG’s and the writer uses only Episode made backgrounds. I’ll read a story with basic directing, too, if the story line is freaking epic :sunglasses:

Also, I’ll read a story even if it doesn’t have a cover, cause you know, never judge a book by its cover, same applies to Episode stories right? 'Course I am right :rofl:


Im using the points system but it’s really confusing me.

So I have 3 timed choices and for every choice that u click on that’s wrong u get a mess up point by +1. I was trying to use the if elif thing where if the char has 2 mess up points or more, they get knocked out but if they don’t they hide from danger.

but i’m not sure how to do this. i tried placing this code just before the 3rd choice, but i got confused as to what happens if the reader has 2 mess up points but they hide and if a reader has none but they don’t hide.

please help

(this is copy and pasted from another thread. is that ok? im desperate to get this problem fixed as soon as possibile)

Did everything work out?

yes, thank you! I’m sorry that I was rude

Nah, it wasn’t rude at all :laughing:

I understand, if I was struggling with something, I would probably write it that way, too :smile:

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Are there prop lists for classic?

I understand directing and all that but I was wondering if you could help me with and idea :slightly_smiling_face:
So I’m doing a paparazzi thing on the red carpet for my story and I was wondering if you had any ideas of what I could use for flashing camera?? It’s okay if you can’t help :grin::kissing_heart:

I thought about that and I think that’s what I’m going to do. Thanks :blush:


This is so useful :heart_eyes:


Not that I know of :thinking:
Classic style doesn’t even have a prop panel on the right of the script like ink and limelight does : (

Feel free to check out these threads though:

You can check out: A Complete List of Props and How to Use Them (Hidden Props Also!)
And bonus props: A Complete List of Props and How to Use Them (Hidden Props Also!)
As well as this post: Old and deleted classic props that I found that can maybe be used as overlays (They're images)



So, I know ink has these animations for taking pictures with camera flashes:

For Girls & Boys:



For limelight when it comes to taking pictures:

For Girls & Boys:



And when it comes to rapid flashes,

Having your transition for less than a second will result in rapid flashes.

So, you can write:

@transition fade in white 0.1

@transition fade in white 0.1

@transition fade in white 0.1

Within your script and add more if you’d like <3

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Merci :smile_cat:


It’s the thought that counts :smile_cat: I appreciate it ^^



@JemU776 :cry::cry:

The camera won’t shake like a twerk contest, even with the Episode life template. :anguished:

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Oh no, @Mary-P don’t cry :scream:
…Do you have the code for it? :sweat_smile:


I don’t understand this?

Hey, can you show me that part of your script? :thinking:

You can PM me if you aren’t comfortable posting it here ^^

Also, you can check out this on transitions: HOW TO: Transitions