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I don’t understand this?


Hey, can you show me that part of your script? :thinking:

You can PM me if you aren’t comfortable posting it here ^^

Also, you can check out this on transitions: HOW TO: Transitions


Thank you for the guide, it helped :slight_smile:


Glad to hear :sparkling_heart:


I tried the Episode Life template but my camera just laughed at me. :pensive:


Hi! Quick question,

I’m not good at rotating overlays but I placed the overlay in the scene and then used the rotating loop command and the Overlay is not rotating where I have placed it.

Here is my script:
@overlay LOADING 2 create
@overlay LOADING 2 shifts to 62 285 in zone 2
@overlay LOADING 2 scales to 0.560 0.560
@overlay LOADING 2 opacity 1

@pause for 1

@zoom reset

&overlay LOADING 2 rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 1.5 loop 10 times

I do this and It doesn’t rotate over the blonde guys face in the picture - This is about where it is placed originally.

It now rotates away from the space - Why is this?



Did everything get solved or do you still need help? :smile:


It’s solved! It was just a glitch in the portal :wink:


What the commands for standing in a certain position would be in terms of spot directing:

@YOU stands screen right = @YOU spot 1.280 270 0

@YOU stands screen center = @YOU spot 1.280 160 0

@YOU stands screen left = @YOU spot 1.280 50 0

Hope this helps ^^


I’m trying writing in cinematic format (full-display) for the first time with zooms and pans and cuts and all that fancy stuff, but I seem to have run into an error.

It is the hometown of a prestigious, wealthy family, the [SURNAME] family.
@zoom on 437 95 to 178% in 2
@transition fade out black 1.5
&YOU is idle_sit_sad_loop
&YOU faces left
&YOU spot 0.680 143 222
@zoom reset
@transition fade in black 1.5

That’s my code. What I want is for YOU to be sitting on the sofa, facing left, in idle_sit_sad_loop, whilst a character called EVELINA will be sitting across from her on the same sofa (it’s an L shaped sofa). However, when I run this on the app, YOU is stuck in zone 1 whilst the camera pans to zone 2, and YOU is just in idle, not idle_sit_sad_loop. What am I doing wrong here?


eekkss helpsbsad

i#m trying to get the idle overlay to replace the hold overlay once it gets to its final position. (then the idle will be in hold’s position as that one disappoears) however the idle overlay won’t show up.


What’s the code saying? :thinking:


For this:

&YOU spot 0.680 143 222 in zone 2 AND YOU faces left AND YOU is idle_sit_sad_loop
@zoom reset
@transition fade in black 1.5

And then you can pan to zone 2 by writing @pan to zone 2 or @pan to zone 2 in S, where S is a number, in seconds (0-infinity) (You’d replace S with a number)


@pan to zone 2 in 2
-this means the camera will pan to zone 2 in 2 seconds

@pan to zone 2 in 1.7
-this means the camera will pan to zone 2 in 1.7 seconds.

…and so forth.


I fixed it, nvm lol sorry


hi i was wondering of you know how to create touchable overlays for stories?



thx also could you tell me how to rotate overlays please



can you help me add tattoos and freckles for customization templates


Hey Jem
I have been stuck for days and I have to eat some humble pie and ask for help. I am trying to make something swing like a pendulum, and I am failing miserably. It doesn’t seem to matter what anchor point I use, or how I shift it, I just can’t get it to work. So Its basically a an upside down V, and i need to to move back and forth from a circle at the top. I dont know if that makes sense. If it doesn’t I can DM you the thing I’m working on. The episode isn’t released of course and I don’t want to spoil it :slight_smile: