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hi i was wondering how do you get the lipstick prop to appear in your story Ink style

Here’s an example using it:

@add Lipstick to GIRL
@GIRL starts apply_lipstick
@GIRL changes mouthColor into Scarlet
@pause for a beat
@remove Lipstick from GIRL
@GIRL starts admire
@pause for a beat

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thank you!

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Hi i need some help with remembering choices

goto comfy_32

(They can’t be separate, there needs to be a _ connecting them or no spaces at all)

Add a _ for all those gotos as well as the labels : )

I don’t get this

Hey, can you post more of your screenshot? I can’t see the error.
If you’re uncomfortable posting it here, tell me and I will PM you.

I’ve messaged you

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How would you make a choice disappear once a reader has chosen it? I’ll send in what I have in my script, but it’s a lot of branching. Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

Here’s what I have in my script. You don’t need to read through all of it, but I basically put repeating labels.
readerMessage Choose wisely. The knives and whip will have different outcomes.
(Which two should I bring? I have room for two more.)
“Knife 1”{
goto knife_one
}“Knife 2”{
goto knife_two
}“Knife 3”{
goto knife_three
goto whip_one
}“I’m done looking through the weapons.”{
goto weapon_end

label knife_one
@zoom on 0 568 to 255% in 3
@zoom on 320 568 to 255% in 5
@zoom on 135 568 to 151% in 3
(This one?)
goto weapon_choice
}“Yes, that’s the one.”{
&zoom reset
&overlay 6157809817485312_KNIFE moves to layer -1
&overlay 6157809817485312_KNIFE1 moves to layer -2
&overlay 6157809817485312_KNIFE2 moves to layer -2
&overlay 6157809817485312_WHIP moves to layer -2
&overlay 6157809817485312_HOLD LIGHT LEFT FEMALE shifts to -340 -469 in 3
&overlay 6157809817485312_HOLD LIGHT LEFT FEMALE scales to 1.518 1.518
@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat
&overlay 6157809817485312_HOLD LIGHT LEFT FEMALE shifts to -244 -1094 in 3
&overlay 6157809817485312_KNIFE shifts to -244 -1094 in 7
&overlay 6157809817485312_HOLD LIGHT LEFT FEMALE scales to 1.518 1.518
&overlay 6157809817485312_KNIFE scales to 0.645 0.645
@zoom reset
gain knife1
goto weapon_end

It won’t let me send in the rest of the script, since I’m a new user, but, like I said before, I have different labels in a row.

hi i was wondering how do you rotate overlays like a magic spell spinning in your hand? for a story

Check out this: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

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