🦄 JemU776's Magical Reviews (Temp Closed) 🍭

Glad to hear :blob_hearts:

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Wait. No. I do want you to post

How do I re-vote?

You’d just click the other option.

I’m trying but it’s not working

Really? that’s weird. You clicked the circle next to No and it didn’t let you :thinking:

There is no circle next to no??? Help me. I want you to post. I also thought yes means we want you to post. Sorry for my confusion

OK, I’ll take yours as a no but I think you should play around with the poll feature :thinking: :blob_hearts: I have a thread on polls you can check out, but if you’re still stuck, I’d recommend to report the issue you’re having.

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I’m on review or are certain people.

@Faith.episode.cats What do you mean? :thinking:

And I can’t do it as of yet has @gigistorm , @episodewriter31 and @MayLaugh (on vacation) haven’t voted yet.

oh okay

It’s fine.

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sorry i was just confused.

That’s all right, dw :blob_hearts: And bump :kiss: :unicorn: :lollipop:

?? bump fake?

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@Faith.episode.cats you DM’d me on my review IG with “I still don’t see my review on here…”

However I posted your review here:

I didn’t post your review on IG and I didn’t write this message on your post:

I posted your review here only and while I would post your review on IG, I don’t have the screenshots anymore plus I love everything in a specific order. Terribly sorry. I hope this clears things up :blob_hearts:

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Okay i didn’t know it’s alright.

Thanks for understanding, I feel bad though :grimacing:

Probably going to close this. Hmm, we’ll see. In the meantime would anybody like to join a proof reading workshop with me? We look at the grammar and spelling only, not the directing unless it’s super glitchy and we’d proof-read the whole story perhaps. It would be called “Jem and Your Name’s Proof-reading” workshop. More details to come soon :heart:

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I might be interested! Let me know when you have more details! :blush:

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