Jewish People Representation in Episode (Repost of Mehasels' Post)

NOTE: This is not a thread personal against anyone! This is a thread to disccuss about how we feel about this issue, not to attack anyone - that’s all.

Original (@Mehasels’ words):

I might regret writing this post later, but something needs to be done about it.
But i tried message the episode management before about this issue and they didn’t care much… so here goes nothing.

I’m so proud of this app, I really am.
I’ve been here since the beginning and it changed so much for the better :slight_smile:
And i think it’s lovely. I absolutely adore it. i adore this community so much…
I’m talking about the huge diversity of course. now most of the stories as much as i read - and i read a lot usually has diversity characters in it.
It’s amazing!

But i can’t relate to it.

My name is Shiran, i am a second generation to holocaust survivors.
and a proud jewish.
and i get no representation at all in the Episode app.
I really do love this app, but it’s hurt. it’s like nobody cares about you - your religion doesn’t exist.
I can’t recall seeing a jewish character (the only jewish character i saw was in my own story lol) and i’m sure there are some more but it’s really really rare.
We’re not asking for much. not a special “shelf” or whatever, you don’t have to put us in every story but it would be nice to see a jewish character from time to time.

The jewish community in episode might be small but we are willing for a change.
We support diversity. We hope others who don’t get any kind of representation fight for it as well. we all deserve to be recognized.

I love you all, you guys are amazing and I hope we make a change. :heart:
Love and peace to everyone :heart::heart:

New - My Opinion:

I decided to repost @Mehasels’ post, so we can disccuss about how authors do not represent Jewish people in their stories, expect Jewish authors.
I would like to add things, mainly about how most (if not all) of the authors don’t add Jewish characters. I do not know what about you, Episodians, but it seems like those authors do not even see any importance by representing Jewish characters in their stories. Like they are not counting us - do not see the Jews as humans being.
I really like. No - love Episode. I really do. But, I don’t know if some of the authors even know this, but they convey me a kind of saying “what’s so important about representing Jewish people?”, “Jews are mere”, as if they were saying in a tone that says: “Why would I care about it at all?” ,and as a reply, I am saying :what the hell (pardon my language)?! Are you really saying this?
I mean, tell me yourselves - what’s so bad about representing Jewish, or Muslim and minority people in stories, in general? :worried: :pensive:. What’s so bad about representing a religion, at all?
Those authors who don’t even care about making a change by doing diversity only prove to me their negligent and indifferent attitude about this issue.

Maybe we, the Jewish people are a kind of “minority” here, but it does not mean that we have no opinions and feelings about the fact that we do not get any representation by other authors who are not Jewish! We are not asking for too much. I do not ask for too much… :worried:. It was said and it has to be said again: We, the Jews, exist! So, do not pretend as we were nothing!

So, I hope something about it will be done.
Wish you only peace and love :blush: :heart: :sparkling_heart:

P.S: Please do not open arguements here. This is not a thread to open dramas or arguements. Be respectful to one another.


I don’t use them in my stories because I don’t know any and I can’t present them properly. Well I do know some, but they’re blended and not different nor by the look nor by the characteristics. :woman_shrugging:t4::see_no_evil:

People just seem to go by this “anti-Semetic” mindset. Episode somewhat did it by making a Jewish character a villain. The only one atleast. It’s terrible and these stereotypes put upon the community is awful.


If you want to create Jewish characters, then there is a thread that can help you.

Here is the link:

Some Helpful Information: Jewish Characters! <3 <3


You could ask them how to represent them in your story? I mean, since you know some. There’s also the internet.


That’s not it. To know someone by its nature, you know that person from real life. Reading about them isn’t realistic.


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But, that’s the thing - you do not have that much to know a Jewish person to know about Jews and the religion itself

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I read about other religions at times. It helps because you are gaining information about them. You don’t need to see them irl or meet them irl in order to understand. Yes, it helps a lot if you do but again, the internet has facts and information about different people. You have access correct? It’ll help. Plus, you can meet people from that specific community on a website and ask them questions.


I just want to clarify, real quick:

This isn’t about resources or how to represent Jewish people, but rather a discussion thread about Jewish representation? Right?


I feel it’s this one. :see_no_evil:


@CoraMae, you can also ask people here who do belong to the religion that you want to represent in your story! For example, I did not know that much about Islam (of course I have read about it, but there were some details that I did not know), but I did not tell myself immediatly “What do you know about Islam? You do not know much nor are you a Muslim.”, but I went to @EpisodeShadow and asked her, since she herself is a Muslim and knows about the religion better than I do.


Like I said, that’s not it. If I’d use them in my story someone would be offended for presenting them in wrong way, even though I’d do my best.

I said I know just some from real life, that means maybe 2 from 2000. I’m person who doesn’t leave home anymore and doesn’t do social gathering anymore. So there’s no way I can go and interview someone.

I responded to this thread not to be troll, but to apologize. It’s not that I don’t want, it’s that I don’t know how to. So I welcome everyone to include more Jewish characters in there stories ! And I support your suggestion. :heart:

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Yes. I have no reason to explain how to represent Jewish people, since it was done (twice)


Research is key to representing people correctly. You can meet others online, in real life, or talk on a forum site for help and information. Same with going on other websites that has facts about what the religion is, what do they do, what they wear, etc.


Indeed!! Just since it is a “repost of Mehasel’s post”, it could be misunderstood, so I wanted to be 100% certain. ^^


Well said, @AWeirdo :grin: :ok_hand: .

You know, as an Ethiopian I would like Ethiopians to be represented. But, I will not go off topic


Dear, with statement like this you’ll go against Forum rules. Don’t impose that people of some religion is made by one shape and we can know them by reading about them. Because that’s not true.

Never said that so don’t twist my words dear.


Well, I wrote the title “Jewish People Representation in Episode” and the repost that you did yourself is called “Some Helpful Information: Jewish Characters! <3 <3” :no_mouth: