Jewish people representation in Episode


I might regret writing this post later, but something needs to be done about it.
But i tried message the episode management before about this issue and they didn’t care much… so here goes nothing.

I’m so proud of this app, I really am.
I’ve been here since the beginning and it changed so much for the better :slight_smile:
And i think it’s lovely. I absolutely adore it. i adore this community so much…
I’m talking about the huge diversity of course. now most of the stories as much as i read - and i read a lot usually has diversity characters in it.
It’s amazing!

But i can’t relate to it.

My name is Shiran, i am a second generation to holocaust survivors.
and a proud jewish.
and i get no representation at all in the Episode app.
I really do love this app, but it’s hurt. it’s like nobody cares about you - your religion doesn’t exist.
I can’t recall seeing a jewish character (the only jewish character i saw was in my own story lol) and i’m sure there are some more but it’s really really rare.
We’re not asking for much. not a special “shelf” or whatever, you don’t have to put us in every story but it would be nice to see a jewish character from time to time.

The jewish community in episode might be small but we are willing for a change.
We support diversity. We hope others who don’t get any kind of representation fight for it as well. we all deserve to be recognized.

I love you all, you guys are amazing and I hope we make a change. :heart:
Love and peace to everyone :heart::heart:

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I agree, although there is more diversity developing within Episode stories, it is pertinent to include all.

I’m so sorry you have to feel this way :frowning:
Hopefully as the community continues to grow, more minorities will be recognized.


100% agree with you, it sucks! i am a jewish myself and i feel like nobody cares about it me in Episode.
i hope you make a change.


Thank you for your support :heart:


I understand your point and I completely agree with this. Some things need to change for the best.


You’re right. I’ve only ever seen one openly Jewish character in the past 3+ years I’ve been playing episode.

And it hurts to see that you guys feel so neglected from the community , so I will definitely take this into consideration!
Everyone deserves to feel represented :blue_heart:


It sucks you feel that way, I hope Episode and other writers decide to include you guys :heart:


Considering Episode offer synagogue backgrounds, you’d think there would be more stories that feature some form of Judaism in the story (not loads, but certainly more). You see the backgrounds used but with no context to what they actually are. Whereas I’ve seen the monastery backgrounds being used for their purpose. It’s an unfortunate reality.

I personally don’t include religion in any of my stories (personal choice, I’m agnostic) but there are many religious people and many people fighting for all forms of diversity on Episode but it seems Judaism has slipped through the cracks, so to speak, and has been looked over.

I’d be open to reading a story that features Judaism, I’ll never forget visiting a synagogue when I was a child and I have to say, it was one of the most beautiful buildings I had ever been in.


Of course, i understand it☺ we can always help though😌


I agree
They need to add jews charechers to the game.


Indeed. Something that is really disrespectful in opinion is that sometimes the synagogue background, the dearest place to the jewish people is used as something inappropriate. :cry:
But you’re right. This is the reality… It really might be hopeless but we are trying our best to make a change.


Thanks a ot or this huge support you guys are giving us so far. As expected from this amazing community💕


That must be awful for you, to see them being used so disrespectfully. I really do hope you get the representation! I’ve just remembered that Kippahs are available for INK males too.

But I do think that, like the majority of other religions, it’s the fear of offending someone when you have little to no knowledge of it.



And you’re right☺ one of the reasons i post this was because i wanted people to know that we’re exist and glad to help with everything😀


I agree with you completely. I do hope as Episode begins to acknowledge more and more diversity in their stories and in the app in general that they have representation for this as well.




Yeah it’s sad. Everyone must have equal representation. Peace :dove:


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I can’t believe you really said that… this is so disrespectful!!


Right…If you can’t respect other religions and people…
DO NOT COMMENT…@PlsHelpMeSheisCrazy