JOB OFFER: Build a story from my script in one week. $800


I need someone who is good, fast, and reliable to build a story using my script for $800.
It’s got to be done in one week.
The script isn’t in correct code but the characters are described in the script and dialogue is all done.

I need you to:

1- Correctly code the script
2- Create the scenes, characters, animations, and interactions
3- Insert the dialogue as written
4- Capture the final story in a file I can upload to YouTube.
5- Do it all in one week.

It’s about 30 minutes of screen time total.

Contact me at kidfreshieaf (at)


WHY can’t you do it yourself


THEres a bunch of amazing writes that do it on their own willingly getting money from episode or for free then you’re handing out £800


I’m not good at getting the code right. It’s taking me too long to create it.


Listen to me, when we all start, none of us are good at directing right away-it takes time and patience to get good. Heck, when I started, I freaking sucked. You have to be willing to take time to do that; make the time, watch tutorials, etc. Honestly, what you’re doing is kind of unfair to you-you can’t pay someone every time you make a story-you got to try on your own. It’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Episode is a platform for everybody to share their work on it; you’re paying someone to direct a story for you and fix a few things around while giving a deadline. That’s just plain laziness and totally not trying-forgive my harsh words. You gotta make the effort, put in the work, don’t pay someone to direct your story and make them do the other things you mentioned-it isn’t fair to you as a writer and it is not fair to others. Please TRY. TRY HARDER. If at first you don’t succeed, then try again. Don’t leave it all up to money. I hope you attempt the things you mentioned using yourself and not others. Good day.


Exactly! So many people write on the app for free. Yes, it takes a lot of hardwork, but it can be fun too, and is totally worth it if you love writing (it’s a passion of yours) and you want to get your work out there! Paying someone to code a story is not the best way in writing and directing an Episode story you’re working on. But this is just my opinion :wink:


Believe me. I’ve tried. I’m a few scenes in and it’s going too slow. I’m ok at it but I’m under a tight timeline to get this thing finished and I’m going too slow. My loss is your gain. $800. Any takers?


I agree with you at least someone understands


wait but if she gets lots of reads wouldnt she get payed for it even though she didnt write it or code or do anything to it


If I may ask, why are you under a tight timeline? In the meantime, perhaps you could check out Wattpad; many writers join this, over a million readers on this amazing website/app, and you don’t have to direct anything at all; no coding, just writing. That’s great you tried, but don’t give up easily. Yes, directing can be slow, especially when we want it to be perfect, but we need to be patient and not resort to other methods like paying people to help out with their story, and heck, Episode even gives free directing tips found in the forums, on Youtube, Episodelife, other resources, etc. There is no need to pay others to help with your story when help is available all over the Episode community at no cost.


Thanks for the advice!


Im just curious how will you pay and how can we trust that what you’re offering is reliable?


I pay through Venmo. We can break it into 1/4s: you do the first 1/4, I pay you $200 immediately upon receipt of the work, and so on until it’s done. That way neither of us risks much time or money.


Dont pay someone $800 for writing a story, you’re loosing out on the fun of actually writing it. :roll_eyes:


I wrote the story already. It was fun, too. It’s just not in perfect code. I want it perfect. I don’t have time to make it perfect. I do this in my spare time and I’m super busy right now.


It doesn’t have to be perfect.