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Hello lovelies!
I don’t know if anyone will see this, but I’d love to help out and edit some backgrounds or overlays. I’m not very artistic so drawing isn’t my strong suit, but I’d be happy to edit anything, like making split screens or during a day image to night. I’ll try my best! Just comment with a description of what you want and I’ll get to it as soon as I can <3


Hey! I was wondering if you would be open to editing the Moonscape Coffee episode background exterior? I just needed a table to out as a overlay.

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Here you go! This is the table from Moonscape Coffee :slight_smile:

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! How should I credit you?

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Hi! No credit is necessary, but if you could do one of the reader messages (to script it, write ‘readerMessage’ followed by whatever you’d like to say) and @ my username on the forums that would be wonderful! <3

You might get more customers if you have examples :wink:
Just a tip