Do you want to help write a short story? Filled with everything you and your partner want? If that’s the case come join this short story writing group. Together we’ll focus on making a short story catering to all our ideas. Only advanced coders and writers will be accepted. Before we start the story will have 3-5 episodes as it is a short story. Here are open placements:

  1. Director (@Shani_Theo)
  2. Co-director (@Secretz_lol)
  3. Story Plot Developer (FREE)
  4. Story Plot Developer (FREE)


  1. The placement you want.
  2. Why you deserve that placement.
  3. A link to a story you have already published.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.



What if I haven’t publish a story yet?


Is there any chance you could give us a draft of a story/coding? As we need to base your level of coding.


Your application has been accepted, you can help if I have any errors with the script. :smile:


Ok, thanks!


Once we do get a team, I’ll make a group chat. :fire:




HI! I wanna join this group but I can’t find the application? And I haven’t published any stories (ones that are deleted).


I would join this but I already am in a group.


Im interested.

  1. Story plot developer.
  2. I’m passionate about writing, and I feel that I can bring a new level of uniqueness to the group.
  3. I published my first story at the end of May. Here is the link:


Just PM us with an extract of your coding/writing. We’d love to hear back from you soon. :fire:


We’ll get back you soon, we can’t wait to see your skills of being a story plot developer. :fire:


Thank you!!


Okay thanks !!!


I want to be a plot developer!

Writing is my number one hobby along with reading. And I love bringing characters to life and devolving a new story for the community.

I have not written any stories yet, but i have a few in the making


I would like to apply! I can help with writing and coding, but mainly writing if that’s okay! (Writing aka being a story plot developer I guess.)
I love writing and I am really committed., also super active.
I have published a story but that was a few years back… I can send you an example of my newest work through pm if you’d like?




Sorry for the long wait, just send us a short extract of your work. :heart:


Okay. :ok_hand: