Join Episode Bakery - The Interview


Hey, hey, hey! Welcome to the Episode Bakery Interview Thread!

You’re all probably wondering… What even is Episode Bakery?

Episode Bakery is a group that is based off of, well treats. We make artwork for the Episode Community, and we’re a family that is always there to support you and to be by your side. We will never doubt you and will never force you to do anything!

As you all may know, there is lots of drama happening towards groups in the community, and that tends to happen with big groups, so are group is gonna have a maximum of twelve people.

Though we cannot say we’re not gonna have drama, as it may happen, we’ll try our best to prevent any drama whatsoever with other groups, though we do not promise anything.

If you are interested, please leave a reply down below and I’ll send you a pm to interview you!

If you have any other questions, leave them down below too!


what does it do?


We are an artwork group. :slight_smile:


Can I join? Could I be like a co leader or vice? :joy::two_hearts:


Sure! I’ll interview you soon! :blush:


Great, can u pm me? Most of my notifications get lost haha


Of course! Pming you now!


Tagging Some Artists, maybe they’re interested? :blush:


and that’s all for now, heh.


I am interested


Cool, I’ll pm you! :blush:






Can I be a leader or vice


Sure, I’m interested.


Cool, I’ll pm you! :blush:




I’d like to join




Auto correct is annoying


Cool, I’ll pm you!