Join Episode Dreams: The Interview!


Hi, everybody! My name is Alyssa, and I’n apart of Episode Dreams!

We are currently looking for some new members, and we’ve decided to throw an interview to look for some new members!

Basically, what you gotta do, is reply down below that you wanna join the team, and then we’ll get back to you, and I will interview you, then we’ll pick the top people and pick who will be on the team.

We’re not looking for many members, we wanna make sure we’re small, but manageable.

Hope you guys are willing to join!


I wanna join


Wonderful! We will have a personality interview. Like a friendly chat and a business chat with you.


great and when lol


I can interview now. @Chesirekitten101 will interview at the same time




I would like to join.


Awesome. We will have someone interview you.


Okay Thanks!


@Chesirekitten101 @Lunar_Rose @epi.alyssaa @meadowh @ms.kate


On It!


Hey @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE want happened to closing until we made everything up to date? Could we close this?


We are trying to get new members


Not to be rude…but what is Episode Dreams


It’s an art group.


Oh ok that’s what I thought it would be but I was not sure!


I wish I could join but I suck at art :cold_sweat:


That’s ok, the group is all about learning


I would not even know where to start when it comes to creating art


I’m up for joining! :+1::+1: