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Fed up with your own art? Need a little friendly inspiration? Or just looking to help the community?

Joining an art group is the first step is to find other people who may be able to help you! This could obviously be a great advantage. You may be able to share the work load and decision making! Our aim is to provide a regular time and environment to provide art to the community, while allowing the group to develop and prosper! Here is a list of things we hope to accomplish as a group!

  • Develop the skills of the members

  • To provide a nice supportive workspace

  • Create art for episodians

  • Exchange skills

  • Have fun, and socialize!

Now, like any organized group of individuals, we have rules. These keep everyone happy, and safe!

  1. Respect all of your fellow members and customers fairly. We do not want anyone to feel out of place, or unwelcomed. They are welcomed!
  2. Please do not use excessive strong/provocative language. Not everyone is comfortable with that, so respect them!
  3. Do not make fun of anyone based on Sex, Race, or Religious beliefs. Everyone has a different background, and that is simply what makes us special!
  4. If you are in another group, that is OK. Please let us know, and we will get in touch with the owner to make sure everything is cleared up, and OK with them!
  5. If you are having issues with anyone associated with our group, please, please try to handle it privately. No one wants to be exposed to that, because that is not what we are here for. We are here to do art! Plus drama is immature and it solves no problems!
  6. Have fun, grow as an artist, and never give up! We will all be here for you no matter what you are going through!

Want to join? Great! We are glad you do! Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you!

Request Form

We hope to see you soon!

~ Adam Kim, Vice President of Episode Dreams

Looking for an artist to make some art scenes for me!
Can I pls join somones group
Episode Dreams: Request Thread *OPEN!*

Dear, @DeathlyCow

Zoe! We are excited to say you have been accepted! Welcome aboard!
(We will P.M you a link to our discord shortly!)

Congrats again! See you soon!


YAY! Ahh, I’m so happy :grin:


I applied, hoping to get in. This group seems amazing! :slight_smile:


It is! It’s like a mini family! Hopefully u will get in!


Thank you so much for the luck! :blush:


Dear, @epi.alyssaa

Alyssa! We are excited to say you have been accepted! Welcome aboard!
(We will P.M you a link to our discord shortly!)

Congrats again! See you soon!


Thank you so much! Happy to be part of it!


We could totally use a few more artists! We’d love to have you! Go ahead and fill out a request form, and we will get back to you ASAP :wink:






I’ll look over it, and reply here by @-ing you, saying if you accepted it or not.


Hm… I will check with the fellow members to see how they feel about letting you join!


You have been accepted!

Welcome aboard the dream team!

Please p.m. me for a invite to the discord server! :slight_smile:


have you been in any art group recently


No its just a question


No offense


This group sounds so exciting! I’ll apply! I hope I get in ^^


We would love for you to apply!!!


I applied :heart: