Join Episode Oblivion!

Episode Oblivion is a new art group that focuses on improving as we go. If you want a new family, come join today!

What art does Episode Oblivion do?
Episode Oblivion does (cartoon & realistic)
art scenes, character edits, overlays, covers, and splashes.

What are the rules?

  1. You CAN join other groups, but let us know first.
  2. You cannot steal requests from other groups’ threads.
  3. No causing drama.
  4. If you curse, it must be blurred out.
  5. No blackmailing.
  6. Have fun!

Click Below for an application form!

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I might join! Is it okay if I’m in two other groups! I’ll still be active.

Yes, of course! (I’m the founder)

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There’s been so many new groups lately wow


Yeah, because of the drama. I was victim of it! :joy::joy:Ugh what a horrible drama.

Hi Angelina
I just applied. :smile:
Here is my discord name,if you want to contact me Grace #1371 :wink:

hey guys sorry I was gone I had to deal with something and if you don’t know I created episode oblivion.