Join my group pls


heyyy i need commited members if you want to join fill this out
i’m the president i have all loving caring members my group is like a sisterhood you will feel as if we are your family just how i feel sooo here ya go

Join my group


I Applied :blush:




Hey guys, I really like nice love story’s and also like fame/love story. I HAVE TO use limelight though because I have tried to go but to using ink but I just can’t stand how it look! Anyways any stories you guys recommend?


I don’t make stories in limelight nor do I read stories in limelight I am married to ink sorry


Hey! Do you email us back if we’re in the squad or are we automatically in?


If we filled out the form.


I am accepting people now my mom kinda took my computer cause she us evil I’m sorry I will be more active now