Join my new writing group!

Ok. Thanks, I am new in this… So

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hey um… do you know how to code?

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Well, yeah… But not REALLY complicated things.

well i just want a party scene lol :))

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I was thinking about joining just now and if I get accepted I can help u if u like lol


whoever of you want to could try heres the link

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please try aw fast as possible i really need helppppp

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for thoose who wonder : i dont need them in a special place just Acelynn and the girls in the front

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could you please have it done? I need it very soon please?

Just finished it oof

areyou going to send it here?

Oh I thought u were talking about filling out and the form but I can do the party scene now just give me a background

okay lol erm just a regular episode party backgroynd I have no problem :slight_smile:

Give meh one sec

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sorry to be a litlle nerveracking but is it done? I thought half hour is long enough , is it tho???:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Oof I got sidetracked I’m going downstairs to work on it now

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Hi just submitted I don’t currently have ig but would love to join