Join Our Art Group! {Episode Delights New Sign Ups}


Welcome to Episodes Delights Sign Up Thread! We’re taking members, we unfortunately lost some our members :broken_heart: Please take note that we do need you to be consistent over the rules when joining us. We have fun and chat alot so we just don’t talk about art. We’re a family and friends. If you need some advice on art we would be happy to help to but please be considerate we are not perfect artist ourselves, we all mess up. We are digital artist that take request and we start next week!


Episode Delights Official Sign Up Forms

Thanks <3
~ Our team

Any questions contact me through a pm here or on Instagram @leslie.giselle04

Leave examples down below

Honorable members no longer part of the team :sob::sob::sob::sob: we’ll miss you @Raybadem and @Penny2


I feel like Ray should he a honorary member though she technically isnt here anymore


hiring means paying. you should say we are looking for volunteer.


Yes and Penny :sparkling_heart:


Ooo thanks



Those are good! You’ll be added to the group chat!
Thanks for joining us! :sparkling_heart:




@leslie.creates should we make a new one?


Yes! :joy: I was about to ask if we should. I’ll make it or you?




My Work


Awesome you’re in! Thanks for joining us :sparkling_heart:


I filled out the form!
Here are examples of my work


I think I’m better with LL… :thinking:



You’re in.
Thanks for joining us!


YAY! :star_struck::star_struck: Thanks!


No problem! :sparkling_heart:


Do I need to provide you with art examples to join the group?


No but they’re are preferred but if you’re new to art it’s fine :sweat_smile:


I’m just finishing up an art piece of mine, I’ll show it afterwards.