Join Our Art Group! {Episode Delights New Sign Ups}

Okay! You’re in btw. Thanks for joining us! :sparkling_heart:


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~itty bitty bump~

I’m very curious, I’ve never been in a group before. Just started being a lil but more serious in my digital art since I wanna be able to use it for my future career. But to the point, what do you do? Do you start threads and take requests?

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Yes we start a thread and take requests :grin:

Hm okay!

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@_Ansh_L do you have any examples?

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yes i do …do you have instagram cuz for some reason i cant send pictures here

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Yes I do! I think I have it on the form. You’re in.
Thanks for joining us! :sparkling_heart:

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You’re welcome! I’ll dm you my examples

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Um on Instagram? I’m currently inactive there atm so I’m not sure if I’ll get it there. If you could send them here it would be great! I’ll go ahead and add you to the chat.


I’ve only just started drawing but ok (also I don’t expect get in)

This is an edit ∆∆


You’re in :wink: thanks for joining us! :sparkling_heart: I’ll add you to the chat


I want tobe a volunteer this is some of my work

I just started so i hope that all of you will like it !


Welcome! Thanks for joining us! :sparkling_heart:

@Toxic.Dreams I’ve seen your examples :sweat_smile: you’re in! But I need some for the thread :sparkling_heart:

Ah, thanks! I’ll send you examples you can use in the group chat.

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Okie :grin:

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Bumping please let me know if you fill out the forms :sweat_smile: I usually don’t check every hour

Just submitted the form!! :blush:

Cover Art



I’m working on an art scene rn for my current story which I can share with you when it’s finished if you like!



Well there’s mine that I have up rn lmao
People normally commission cover art from me :woman_shrugging:t3:

Bit of everything??? A lot of it is from my own story gotta admit :woman_shrugging:t3:

These are a very few that I’ve done so far, I have some other edits but they’re using other people’s outlines from OC’s, I don’t wanna post those outlines without their permission!!

In terms of overlays, I have way too many. Books, tea cups, blood, bruises, tears, weapons
you name it, I got it lmao