Join our Art group! {HoneyBee Sign Ups!}

Hi everyone welcome to the HoneyBee Art thread sign up!
In this art thread we talk about our real life’s not just art! We all become friends and have so much fun! We give advice on your art and we show you how to do things you don’t know about! We are here for you all hours of the day. You can talk to people from absolutely anyone in the world and create real friendships.
If you have any questions just pop them down below!

  • Always give credit! Our team works very hard and we hope you can respect that by giving credit in your story or your page.
  • Don’t start useless arguments.
  • No copying! If you see something you like, sure use that as an idea but don’t copy the whole art.
  • if you had requested a edit and don’t like something/request has taken too long, please don’t be rude if you don’t like something just tell the person who is doing your art, if it’s taking too long again just ask but we do have a real life. If it’s taken TOO LONG for you please just tell the artist that your baking out.
  • Just make friends!

Please fill this out if you would like to join our thread!

Signed up.

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Count me in. Signed up.

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Hey! Can I join your shop? I can send examples if you do want me to join.

Oof examples