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Hey guys :two_hearts:

So @episodehope hiring again, Please read this post :slight_smile:
:arrow_forward: Episode hope official hiring post :arrow_backward: :arrow_backward:

Click here to see everyone hope account on instagram :arrow_forward: :arrow_forward: Episode hope account :arrow_backward: :arrow_backward:

or just read down below :arrow_heading_down:

So here are position open for


  • ~Story reviewer
  • ~Edit reviewer


  • Cover makers, Pfp(Character editor), Video editors

Daily advertiser :two_hearts:

  • >Games >Quotes
  • > Memes ]
  • {Should post min 1 post daily}

Interviewer :sunglasses:

  • ~ Regular interviewer
  • (Just post the interview)
  • ~ Video interviewer (Take the interview & make it to video interview)

Fashion stylish :heart_eyes:

  • ~ Outfit maker ( Must make outfits in 2 style ink & limelight )

Character Creator :eye:

  • > Name the character, age & character details ( Should make characters in every styles)



Fill up this forum

You can also join go to @episodehope linktree & Fill up the hiring forum

This is only for instagram

Again go to our page for the details Episode hope account

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Hi I would like to join and @Mariyana
You are not the reason I wanted ot leave the forums

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aww i am so you’re back, thankyou just fill up the forums

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I cat tell my age

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I am just going to give any number but I am not really that age

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just leave i dont want to tell

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Wait I leave what ?

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nothing just write i can’t tell my age

There are alot of good positions I want to apply for

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oh okay cool, just apply it but you can only get two jobs

Could I join?

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Just fill up the forum we will contact you shortly if you are in or not

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If I do get selected… I cannot reply to your dm’s…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I can’t install it for some reason on my tablet :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:t2:

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aww but we need someone there

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if I applied for editor, what sort of edits would I be doing??

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like character edits & pfp edits

and the instagram is @episodehope ?

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