Join Our Team! (Writers, Coders/Directors, & Artists needed!)

Hii I’m Bee!!

Me and a few others are currently working at developing a story called SCANDALOUS which follows a problematic celebrity (MC) who dug a deep hole of scandals that will be hard to get out of especially after the star’s biggest most controversial secret had been exposed by their ex-best friend. MC’s reputation is now on the line and they have to be really careful about the decisions they make and the people that they trust in order to save their celebrity career. Or if MC chooses not to make the right decisions and indulges in the attention and money their scandals are bringing in, it is bound to end in disaster…

If anyone is interested in working with us, we could really use the help of talented writers, directors, coders, and artists to help us bring this story to life and make it something truly great! Please, add me on discord my user is dojabee#3274 and I’ll msg you with more info!


I can be a writer my ig is