Join Our World!: Episode World


Welcome to Episode World! We are all over the world! We decided that we need more members to join us in our magical world! Would you like to join a fantastic world meet new friends have fun and share your passions? Episode World is the place for you! We have a few things to share before you can join!


We all have rules!

  1. We have seen many groups and people start drama in the amazing Episode Community and we do not want ANY part of that. Please refrain from creating drama.
  2. Be respectful. The world’s a better place when you do this. We don’t want anyone feeling bad, do we?
  3. Creativity is great! But don’t do it in any bad way. We don’t want any trouble.

The Sign Up’s

To sign up for Episode world, please fill out this form to see if accepted.




Thank you! I will PM you to see if your apart of this world!


@Circe_dreamteam @ChayChay @Chesirekitten101 @Killerfrost @Days @Epy.raven


I noticed none of the people tagged, have answered. @Circe_dreamteam @ChayChay @Chesirekitten101 @Killerfrost @Days @Epy.raven would you like to join? Of course no one’s forcing you :heart:


Who are the members


The members so far are
@Daisy_Flower1 @Miss_Moonlight @lanaax
We’re a new upcoming group so, we still need more members. Would you like to join?


What is this??


It’s a group.
I’d rather not call it a group because I’d like to offer coding story help etc.




Who’s the Leader


Great! I the leader will like to stay anonymous for now.


Oh ok


:smile: for now, can you find more members?


This sounds interesting but I’m already a part of Episode Dreams and I’m not sure if I can be in two groups.


You can be in more than one group. But you have to make sure you can handle them all. Just fill out the form and I’ll get right back to you!



I will support you all but I do not think I will join. Sorry but this is such an amazing idea.


I would join, but I a mom in dozens of art groups aldready… thanks for the tag :heart:


@Days @Killerfrost It’s fine! I respect your decision.


Thanks very much :gift_heart::gift_heart: