Join the Artistic Aliens Art group! NEED MEMBERS

Hey lovess

So, recently i have decided I’d like to start an art group so if you’re interested look below! I may change the name in the future and if you have any name suggestions please do suggest!

How to join:

  • Explain why you would like to join.
  • send in 3 examples of your work
  • What position would you want as a member in this group?


Hi, I want to join because art is my nature and I love doing art.
I want to be a color background artist.

I can also do differently

I’ll join.
I’m joining because I think this would new fun, and I like to help people.
But I’m only doing pfps, character edits, splashes and banners. hope that’s okay.
My examples :

pfps/character edits



I don’t mind what position I’m gonna be, just don’t make me leader.

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@silver_shadow and @Goldenstar12 i’ll think abt it, thank you :heartpulse:

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