Join the 'Artsy Aliens' Art group HERE

Hey lovess

So, my name is iqra if you didn’t knoww. I also do art, even though my art isn’t great, I know some others that are fantastic! So that is why i’m forming a new art group which will be named The Artsy Aliens. I may change it in the future but who knows.

Some rules

  • Please do not argue!
  • If you join this grouo and happen to have any beef with another member i expect you to not fight or be sassy

how to join:

  • I would like you to state 2 reasons why you want to join.
  • You will have to attach atleast 3 examples of your work.
  • You must use the password Aliens
  • i’d like to know how many requests you can do and other things you can’t do

@appleqrl @Ghosty @sakuracheam @rubywrites

That’s all :heart:



I can take 2 requests at a time Aliens
I love helping ppl. This also gives me something to keep myself busy :heartpulse:.
I do



Covers/art covers

Art splashes



Art scenes

(More examples coming)

Character edit


I can take more than two requests but I am only doing two at a time due to school,band,softball,niece finna be born,and my nephew I can take the others but they will be on the waiting list. I work fast but if they start to complain that it hasn’t been done within a day I can’t deal with that. You can put that I work fast to.
And I need to know if the character is taller than the other if two characters or more is in the art/splash/cover any of that

Reason: I would love to learn more about art and get first opinions from other people. I also would love to help them get better at art. :yum:

Reason: I always am supportive of art regardless. I will make sure to be kind and reasonable no matter how it looks. :heart:

Requests: I can take all requests (currently I’m :sweat:very busy though) so only 2 requests at a time.

ALIENS!!! :joy: