Join the Episode Club Discord!

Want another platform to share templates, artwork, and promote your story?

As someone who has skill in creating discord servers; I decided to make a discord for episode players/writers. I’m hiring staff as the discord server will be heavily monitored to maintain a safe environment. I’m also handing out roles to directors so you can help with coding error’s etc! There’s also a space for artists to share their artwork and take requests.

It will have:

  • General chat to make friends
  • A space to promote your stories.
  • Options to share backgrounds and templates
  • Share your artwork
  • A space to get professional help with code errors
  • A more to be added!

I’m still working on the discord server so it’s not perfect. However, I will create custom roles for people and continue to make it great!

The Join Link!

If you’re interested in becoming staff message me on discord and let me know :slight_smile:

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Since I have a Discord account, I might as well join this one.

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