Join the Episode.Inspieres ! :) [URGENTLY HIRING!]


I’ve made a few groups in the past during my episode life, and unfortunately, it wasn’t as successful as I wanted it to be. Mostly because I only made groups so that I could have a team with me to write a story. That was a terrible idea :frowning: But, now that I see many Episode groups that are editing things, making backgrounds, doing story reviews, and more, I would like to start an Episode group that is able to do those things as well. You can never have too many Episode groups because many people within this community need help and encouragement. Anyways, I’ve decided to name our group the Episode.Inspirers because like I said, many people within this community need help and encouragement. No harm there.


  1. Editors/Artists (both character or backgrounds)
  2. Author Motivator/Encourager
  3. Story Reviewers
  4. Shoutouts Person
  5. Video Editor

I may add more positions, but not right now!

If you are interested, please fill out the form down below:
Episode.Inspirers Form
If you have any questions you can PM me, DM me @brianam.stories on Instagram.

Thank you advance!


Just to let people know, this group will be Instagram based just like any other episode group! So if you don’t have Instagram, it’ll be hard for me, my friend, and your fellow group members to talk to collaborate with you…


I really meant I didn’t have an episode account. I do have an account, if that works…?


If you have an Instagram account, that’s great!


Do you want it, or…?


Yes, please :slight_smile: :heart:


i’m interested to join since i’m looking for new stories :slight_smile: i’ll fill form now :heart:


Okay then :slight_smile: :heart:


My instagram is rachel.yeaton


I’ve submitted a form :blush: :black_heart:


Okay! You’re name is Kidd right?


My name is Rachel, nickname is Kidd.


Thanks for clearing that up for me :slight_smile:


BUMP!! Still accepting people into this group!


I have a question for the editor position is it like doing character edits?
Like this?



Yes. It can be character edits or background edits; it doesn’t matter.


Is it ok if I’m not that active due to school?
Sorry for the questions…


To be honest, me and the co owner of this group are both seniors in high school. Basically, our group has members who are in school as well, so we’ll understand :slight_smile: School life comes first.


Great then I’ll join and submit the form❤️
As a character editor.:blush:


Ok, that’s good news then!