Join the Forum club!


Hi guys!

I think it is time for a new forum club!


Only 5 people allowed into this group!
Anyone who betrayes the group, will be replaced immediately!
This group will do lots of fun activities!

How do I sign up?

All you have to do is post your usernamename, write down 2 facts about yourself and then on the 13th of April I will pick 6 people out and will start the group!

What are the rules of the Episode forums club?

Do not betray!
Do not talk behind people’s backs!
If you want to quit, give 1 day notice!
Be kind!
Be caring!
Never report one of the members of the club!

So, if you want to be part of this amazing opportunity, strategy posting now!


What do you do in it? And what’s it for? :slight_smile:


We do lots of different activities, such s: ideas for new topics, how we can help Episode forums bullies, story nights, which is so, so fun, it is where we pick a date where we stay up all night playing Episodian games!

It is just for fun!

Hope that helped!:smile:


Okay, I see. Sounds cool but I think I’ll be too busy with my own writing group @Episode-Royalty and my upcoming story, unfortunately. :frowning:

Winter xx


Ok, if you have any friends, tell them!



  • I can be really slow sometimes, lol :joy:
  • I love to sing and of course, write on episode! :blush:


I have school and can only be active after school.
I draw.




Okay, I’m not hating or disrespecting, however, what do you mean when you say Do not talk behind people’s backs unless I, the leader tells you to!, It basically just ruins the whole concept of the rule. What kind of leader are you if you tell others to talk behind peoples back? I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but it’s rude and ignorant if you ask me. Again, i don’t want to seem rude, but maybe change the rule. If your other rules are be kind and caring, then you shouldn’t have rule no. 2 at all!


I am the leader, because I set this up!

By saying don’t talk behind people’s backs unless I, the leader, tells you to, I mean that you shouldn’t talk to others people without them knowing or doing that secretly! You will only be able to talk to other people about someone if I tell you to, because I am the leader!


Can I join?
Username: @dasha_author

  1. I’m a thirteen year old Episode author who has had Episode for 3 years. :smiley:
  2. I can speak in Russian, and it’s actually my first language. It doesn’t mean that my English ain’t great though! :+1:


Thank you for signing up! The results will be in soonish!


Chloe LeAnn Wilfawn
I’ve been playing episode for 5 years

I’m very creative


Put my friends profile


Episode Girls Rule
Been playing episode for 5 years
Very creative


So people have to ask for your permission to talk shit about other people behind their backs, and it makes everything okay?. But if they don’t ask you for permission, it’s not okay to talk shit about other people? Rule no.2 is totally out of concept, you’re basically saying that it’s okay to talk shit about other people as long as they ask you! What kind of leader are you if you give your members permission to talk shit about other members! It’s bullying! Rules no. 3 and 4 shouldn’t be there if rule no. 2 is


Stay up all night?? In your time or what? And will it be a weekend?


You can’t talk to other people about someone else in the group! That is the rule!

The staying up late one will always be on a weekend or a Friday night and we will arrange times then!


I’m not joining but I’m just wondering, what about different time zones? :thinking:


What do you mean?