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So I have some serious beef with Episode

I’m on the verge of leaving their community and stop using their portal because of this.

So here’s the thing, I used a piece of comic as an ART REFERENCE and drew some awesome art. They weren’t cut and copy, I altered them enough to which they shouldn’t be considered copyright.
I spent HOURS and in some cases DAYS drawing these art pieces only for them to be rejected.

I’m really debating wether or not I should continue writing and being apart of the episode community. I spent hours drawing art scenes and making a cover for my story only for them to be rejected after already being approved. I sent them a support ticket seeking help but they again accused me of copyright. Does episode have no idea that their “artists” on episode also use art reference? But when I do it and it looks decent it’s infringed as copyright? I doubt they’ll fix this situation so I don’t wanna bother with their portal or community.
Episode has so many things to fix. It’s like they’re more concerned about backgrounds than they are with diversity, bullying, and unfairness. People can upload stories where they scream about dildos and crack but my story gets smashed because they think my art work is too similar to a WEBTOON.
Episode is messy and it’s a shame that such creative people have to deal with their antics.
I’m better off using Wattpad because there’s more freedom on there and your art/writing is appreciated.

Episode treats new/smaller creators like trash but when it comes to popular gang story’s that has rape and drugs in them it’s okay because they’re making money from it.

I went to Instagram and my followers suggested we do some form of protest so Episode can address this.

Here’s my instagram:

You’d be helping me a lot by taking part in my protest. It’s not just about me but for other artists out there that are getting unfair treatment by episode.

Thanks again,


Ok. I love Episode but this is insane. I support you all the way, Z.


I support this protest! EPISODE GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER! :triumph: You can’t say she’s copyrighting at all, do you guys know how many regular authors use actual tv shows and go word by word?? Do you guys know how many covers & backgrounds get approved even though they actually are copyright? For example this one girl uploaded pictures from an actual fairytale, it wasn’t hers and somehow it does approved :slightly_smiling_face: It’s her first story, and she’s putting so much effort into it. I even read some of it already, it’ll be sad to see such a good author/artist go because of this.


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Everyone like the actual thread so it gets more attention!


Totally support you! :revolving_hearts:


Seriously though, I can’t stop thinking about this. Ugh! It makes me so angry!! :frowning: :rage:


I support you :hibiscus:! Episode needs to adress this issue immediately!


Using copyritten material and changing it yourself can still be considered copyright infringement. The review team does a phenomenal job. If you ever have questions as to why your images have been rejected feel free to to submit a ticket and the team will get back to you asap with the reasoning.


I can see how this can be frustrating, as I can tell you put a lot of hard work into your artwork. But, what was the reasoning behind them rejecting your images? I understand that you stated it was because of copyright, but what did they say your work was similar to?

I think it would be a good idea to start here, to ensure a quality fix to this issue :slightly_smiling_face:


Update: I spoke with the team and there are very clear reasons as to why your images were rejected. As I suggested above, please reach out to them via ticket in order to discuss this. Meanwhile, closing thread as the purpose of it is not valid. Thanks. :peace_symbol: