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Welcome to the Writers club! This club is for any author looking for feedback or to give feedback!
A group of authors that work together to help each other out!
The group takes place on discord, where it is neatly divided into different sections to help each other when writing. We share our key ideas for writing and vital questions that help us develop the story. This channel is a place where you contribute to help other authors with writers’ block, grammar errors, coding, and more.

In each topic, you’ll find some guidelines to help you in that area. You can freely ask questions or copy& paste any errors you may have in your story.

Building a plot

Important details are shared that can help you develop your story, along with any questions you may have pertaining to your plot. If you’re unsure where you want your story to go, this is where you would ask for help.


You want your readers to grow attached to your characters in your story. This is where you can get help with that! Share outfits for your character, personality ideas, and tips for other authors characters in the story.


Here we’ll share movies, tv shows and other episode stories that helped inspire us. In no way are we copying these, but hopefully they can help out with some themes we might want to include in our story!


The grammar channel can be used as a reference to make sure you’re using the correct grammar in your story. Feel free to copy and paste any sentences or paragraphs you’re unsure of, so we can have a look at it and correct any mistakes, or if there’s a better way to word things!

Advanced coding

If we’re stuck on any difficult piece of coding like spot directing or using overlays, for example, this is where we’d be able to seek help!

Story reviews

Here we can share the links to our story and have them reviewed in depth and honestly. We’d follow a guideline review that would cover the basic themes of your story to grammar and more! (The guideline is included on discord.)

Please fill out the form if your interested, and I will get back to you in a few days.
Once we get to know each other on discord, I hope to make a specific topic where we can help other users out on the forum that may have an issue with writer’s block or just need help with the plot in their story.
Once you join discord, you won’t be a full member yet until after a week where I can see you’re contributions to help others You don’t need to constantly be active, just that you engage every once in a while :grinning:.

Please don’t join the group if your not going to say anything or if your going to constantly spam

Form link below :point_down::point_down:

Once you join, I’ll ask you a few questions and make a members card for you, which will look like this:

Can’t wait for you guys to join- Comment below when you finished the form!

Writers club - episode.emma
Writers club - episode.emma

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Hey Guys!
I recently made a writer’s group and I’m still looking to get more members. If your interested the link to the topic is below: Join The Writers Club