Join this group!


Hello everyone! I have made a Discord server free for you to join! This server is just here to chat and have fun!

Three rules.
#1. Upon Arrival in the group please read the pinned messages.

#2. Also please @ me when you arrive. As the admin I’d like to know you’re there! (Please keep in mind due to time zones or just my schedule I may not be able to answer you)

#3. Please say your username here on the forums. This way I’ll find out who are really Episodians (lol)

Alright Here’s The Link!!

(NOTE: The link can only be used once for entry)

Can’t wait to chat with you there!!




I am here




I joined, I’m called Maayan there I hope it’s not too late



I just joined - my user is sophmidnight on there


I joined! I’m Episode.BriarRose there on Discord!


Haii you can call be Unicorn or Uni for short, hehe… K baiiiiii




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