Jojo siwa **who is she**



Is it me or every little kid’s strange obsession is JoJo Siwa, seriously my mum spent so much on JoJo BowBows for my little sister. So who is she? My sister won’t tell me she is just like oh my god how can’t you not know her?!


I think she was on dance moms and something something
my sisters are obsessed with her too


That moment when you used to watch Dance Moms


haha :joy: :joy:

its ok


Never heard of her ahaha


I think she is a teen that was on the show dance moms, makes a ton of money for her expensive colourful bows. My sister is obsessed with her.


She was a part of dance moms, she is now very famous and is on Nickelodeon and stuff
She is a big fffffaaaaaannnnn of clickbait


I’ve never watched dance moms or whatever, all I know is she is looks like she is 10 and sings her terrible music. Well, I think it’s terrible. Her “thing” is wearing big bows.


This is who JoJo Swia Is!


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