JonezieJ Art Request! Splashes and covers and drawing characters as a profile!, ❤️

Splashes example :

Cover example :

Drawing example:

For cover needed

2)Pictures of characters or details.

3)The story’s name

4)The author’s name (Optional)

5)The animations of characters

For the drawing

1)A picture of the character

2)Background (Optional)

For the splashes:
1)Character animations and details (Optional)


3)Any text you want

In the waiting list :slight_smile:

Completed requests


Can I get a splash please? I want this character doing jazz hands, and I want it to say, “This story uses sound, turn the volume up!” Any background is fine. Thank you!

Hair - Straight, fawn
Skin - Light
Eyes - Upturned feline, green
Nose - Eleven
Mouth - Classic, orange crush
Head shape - Diamond
Eyebrows - Seductive Arch

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Ok! @Kmayber your request is accepted ! but what is the name of the clothes please?

Ok thank you!
Shirt - Red Sequin Crop Top
Pants - Light Steel Blue High Waisted Pants
Shoes - Blue Beach Day Skater Shoes
Bracelet - Braided Red Bracelet

@Kmayber I did what I could hope you like it! Thank you for your time!

If you use it create my Instagram, JonezieJ_episode :heart:

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I really like it!!! Would you be able to take the flowers out though? If not it’s totally fine! It still looks great!! Just the flowers don’t really match how the story is lol. It looks amazing though!!!

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I couldn’t capture the hands well though that’s why I add the flowers!
Thank you very much for the compliment !

Do you want something else but the flowers?

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I’m so sorry if I am being rude, I am just trying to get something to match my story. If you don’t want to take out the flowers it’s totally ok! I feel like I was being so rude to say that! I’m sorry!

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Oh ok. Well I am doing a mafia story, so if there’s anything you think could go in her hands related to that could you maybe put that in please? Thank you so much for understanding!

No you aren’t being rude at all :wink:

I am just asking you do you want something else but the flowers.

Ok then I will try :relaxed:

Ok. Thank you so much! And thank you for understanding!

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Hey I got an idea ! how about I put a fire on her hand!

what do you think? :grin:

That would look good! Maybe you could do that on one hand and a gun or something on the other?? Idk but that’s a good idea!!

@Kmayber Here you go! Don’t forget to create me when you use it!

Thank you! It looks amazing!!!

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