Joseph evans resuming episode in the future

hey! so many people obviously watch episode tutorials when they first start coding, and one of these big helpers as you may or may not know is joseph evans! i love his tutorials, theyre so helpful. he stopped making episode tutorials for a while but even during that period i still watched his vlogs because he was genuinely entertaining.

but he has announced that he will come back to making episode videos! he doesn’t know when but he confirmed that he would be back to making them along with other types of videos

i’m so excited as i know he’ll create things that’ll help so many more


Ooh that’s exciting!


He help me too.
He’s videos are just so amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I will say that Evans has made some impeccable tutorials and without his tutorials I wouldn’t be able to remotely write an Episode story. Not only would I like him to do more tutorials but I would like him to do more stories as well.

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Oh the memories I remember watching these in my first year of writing :joy: Would love to see what tutorials he comes out with next

I remember me and my friend wanting to make a story a while ago (like when classic was still dominating) and we literally cried together because everything seemed so hard

here I am anyways lol😅

They make things much more clear and easy ro grasp💜