Joseph Evans' Tutorials A Problem? (Mini Chat) (No hate towards Joseph Evans)


Joseph Evans’ Tutorials seem to be a problem for not all but most people on Episode Forums (I myself use his tutorials and I have no problem whatsoever with my coding)

But these links here:


Are coding from Joseph Evan’s tutorials +Script Templates!

What’s goin’ on here?

I know no one will be able to answer this question but this is more of just to see what you guys have to say about Joseph Evans tutorials and if they work for you or not.

On my side, every one of his tutorials are easy for me and I have followed his tutorials before I joined episode forums for a good few months now and I have had no errors.

Strange, it should be working for everybody :T

Comment down below if his tutorials have worked out for you or not!

No Hate Towards Joseph Evans, my stories would be bad without his tutorials

I would also like to see no hate towards Joseph Evans down in the comments below either

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His tutorials usually work for me, but I think sometimes some of the coding is old or they’ve changed it around cause I’ve had to adjust some things when using the scripts he provides.

He’s taught me so much though!


Agreed, but for some reason, no matter what style I choose his tutorials always work! Like I’m not even joking. Where as other peoples, seem to not work that much :T

(I’ve personally never used his tutorials, but if I could contribute something for the sake of discussion) – To someone completely unfamiliar with coding on Episode, any tutorial might seem daunting, confusing, or unhelpful. No matter how clear Joseph Evans’ tutorials may seem to some users, others might see the same exact tutorial to be difficult to grasp.
That said, I think maybe some error messages could be a result of user error rather than a defective tutorial. I don’t mean to put down anyone (coding on Episode can be seriously rough), but I think that would be a plausible explanation for why the tutorials work for some users but not others.


I like your theory on this, it makes sense also… Probs the only conclusion to come up with :T

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