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Probably a few days - a few weeks at most No longer than that :wink:


Hey, Josie, there’s one other thing I forgot to mention: I’d really appreciate if you could find a way to add a rose with a falling petal somewhere on the side. I don’t know if it’ll become too much, but it kinda goes with the title and plot of my story so :sweat_smile:

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Hey Josie, absolutely no pressure again, but I just wanted to make sure that you were working on my covers (because sometimes artists forget xD)

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I am, I’m so sorry for the wait. It should be done in a few days!


Could I have a small cover? It’s completely fine if not, I know that art takes time so I get that you may be already full of requests.
What I need: Cover (Name: Magical Cinderella)
Style: Limelight, if possible could it be drawn? I know it’s a lot to ask for. >-<
Character info:
Body: Neutral 01
Brow: Straight Medium, Blonde Medium
Hair: Long Wavy Parted Hair, Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Round Medium, Ice blue
Face: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Mouth: Small hear, Peach Gloss

Pose : -Picture below- (think_rubchin)
It would be nice if you could make her necklace glow since it’s actually the main core of her power. Only if it’d be possible! I want the pose but like, could she be like holding her necklace? :sweat_smile:

Background: A simple white with a little bit of yellow shade would be fine! A simple background would be enough. :slight_smile:

I am so sorry if I am asking for too much.


Hi! I would like to ask you to make an art for me please,
It is in INK style,

Character details:
Skin: Beige
Eyebrows: Classic Natural
Hair: Braid Crown Updo, blond
Eyes: Round Classic, Toffee
Face: Diamond
Nose: Elven
Lips: Blossom lips, Orange crush
If you need some more details, ask me and thank you :grin: :blush:


Hi trigger.Would you mind doing a tiny splash for me.I don’t see any splash forms to fill so i made my own, hope that’s fine.

Text on splash: Some scenes of this episode may be considered as violent or cruel.
(if there is any grammar mistake in the above text, please correct it so)

Background: Something mysterious and that suits the text.Be careful that it won’t get rejected by the episode team.

characters?: No any

Hope it’s not too much.


Hey, do you know if my request will be done before the new year? :wink:


Hey Josie, I’m just wondering if you started my background request yet? :blush:


May I request a background edit?

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Yep ^^


To everyone that requested, I was taking a bit of a break because of personal issues. I will be starting to do everyone’s requests, just let me know if they are no longer needed, thanks!


can i request something…?
a uh… cover…
Style: (i guess limelight)

Char info: skin gold1,
eyebrows: High Arch Angled (color) black dark
hair: Long Double Dutch Braids (color) black dark
eyes: Deepset Upturned Wide (color) hazel
face: heart defined
nose: pointed downturned
lips: Full Heart Pouty (color) peach gloss
and the pose… uhmmm

she’s idle_rear
(looking like… the beach idk lol)
she wearssss

Frayed Cuttoff Shorts Denim Grey Black
Flower Tank Pattern Tank Silk Red Cherry
High Top Sneakers Cotton Black White
Tied Flannel Jacket Flannel Grey

thank you!
(you don’t have to do it lol)

edited plslslslslslssssssssss
or drawn, if its easier, do it as you want, idrc if it takes long…


take your time! everybody needs a break every once in a while! :slight_smile:

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I can surely understand, trigger.Take your time, girl. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi, can you do a front cover background for me?
This is limelight by the way.
And also, when I credit you, what name do you want?

Background: Beach -> EXT. BEACH MOON - NIGHT (from episode backgrounds)
~ Girl MC~
Skin: Copper 05
Brow: Arched thin
Hair: Over shoulder Braid: Brown Black
Eyes: Female generic: black brown
Face: Heart soft
nose: round button upturned
lips: full round pouty: pink beige matte

~ Theo~

Skin: Copper 02
Brow: Straight Medium Scar
Hair: Medium Wavy Messy: Dark Brown
Eyes: Male deep sunken: brown black
Face: Chiseled angular
nose: Button round
Lips: Full heart natural

Preferred font (or style): fancy/ cursive and the title is Teddy then below it says: By: CherryWood
Day or night: night
Animations for each character:
animation: blush_shy for Girl Mc
animation: flirt_coy for Theo
Note: They are both facing one another and Theo is taller than the Girl Mc …
Thank you so, so much <3


omg, could i have something like that novacaine cover but just make the hair charcoal and make it say hell hole w blood & flames please ? <3