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Is it ok if it’s ink?

It’s fine! I can do Ink and LL. :wink:

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This is what she looks like and the pose kinda the same as u!xx

Soz her eyes are shut but theyre upturned bold, brown

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Hi! Can you do me 2 requests?

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Hi! Can I make an overlay request? :wink:

What you want: Can I get an overlay of the pink table? I want to make the characters look like they’re sitting. If you’re able to do the pink table in the back that would be amazing, but that’s not really required lol.
Ink or LL: Ink.
Edited or drawn: N/A

Character info/screenshot: N/A
Pose: N/A

Take your time. There’s no rush for it. I can wait until your active again :blush:

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I would like to point that one of those examples looks a lot like @TriggerWarning’s art… this might be a misunderstanding on my part tho
Edit: Never mind, sorry, I learned that you are @TriggerWarning!

I have a request, but it’s not anything complex.

What you want: A cover. Specifically, the main cover (not the header). I forgot what it’s called, other than it’s the story’s main icon. Specifically, a cover that resembles the character below.
Ink or LL: Ink, but I’m not exactly asking for that specific style.
Edited or drawn: I’m fine with editing, as long as it doesn’t consist of thick lines and haphazard spray paint.
Background: Custom, but not a background or backdrop in general: especially not an Episode one.
Character info/screenshot: Look at the bottom of the page
Pose: None, just looking at the camera

If you can, could you just digitize the photo I drew myself (pen), using the same colors as the Episode character (hair and skin to look similar, eyes a light blue)? I would want it similar to the girl you drew who has purple hair. Thanks! If accepted, you can start anytime you feel ready. No pressure.


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Yeah, send the details!

Could you do something like this:

But with a girl and a boy:

The details of the girl are:

Body: Caramel
Brow: Defined Natural
Hair: Straight (Fawn)
Eyes: Upturned bold (green)
Face: Oval
Nose: Upturned
Lips: Full round (Plum)

And the details fof the guy are:

Body: Tan
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair: Short Cropped Hair (Black)
Eyes: Classic round (Brown)
Face: Defined Natural
Nose: Button
Lips: Uneven (Terracota)


Female pose: She is on the right side, faces right and she is shy and is looking at the boy (something like the animation idle_awkward)
Male pose: He is on the left side, faces left and he is confident (something like the animation arms_crossed) and he is looking at the girl

Where it says “To be continued” says “Welcome back to True Love”

The background can be this one:

But they need to be placed in the middle of the background

If you need more information just ask me

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@LanaAugustine Your winter background edit is complete! I’m still learning how to do background edits, so I hope you like it!

If you want anything changed please tell me!

Completed request

@Sunset_Shimmer your overlay request is complete! I decided to finish it real quick saying it was an easy request.

Completed request

Just one question, how long will you probably take to do it?

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If you need it by a certain time I will put it closer on the list. Because There are a few requests in front of you, I say a few days. A week at most. :wink::grin:

Oh, no problem, take your time :slight_smile:

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Hey how long will my request take?xx

I’m @Josie.Writes friend, she sent me to give this to you cause she ran out of replies. She will be replying tomorrow!


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Thank you so much! I just saw it now :blush:

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Do you guys do Overlays too?

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I’m pretty sure she does