Josie's Official Art and Help Shop! *closed for new thread*

Hi! I’m wondering if this is still open?

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Yeah, feel free to request!

Yep, I do! Did you want anything changed on the background?


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Thnx so muchxxx

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hi would i be able to order some backgrounds

No I need these seats turned into separate overlays just the first three seats will do.

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Ok, I’ll do that!

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@Gharbi88 your request is done, It’s not amazing or anything but I hope you like it!

Completed request


Hey can u do the exact same thing u did for me the last time but say to be continued ?xxx

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Alright! I need a cover for my upcoming story.

Title: Secretive

INK Style.

I need the guy and the girl with the dyed hair to hold guns.

on the bottom can it say my IG’s name: elle.episodes

Thank you i love it ! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Hello, I really need your help.

I really need a large cover for my story with a character who looks like this:
Story: Drama
Skin tone : Neutral 01
Brow: Straight medium (black)
Hair: Hair flip. (black)
Eyes: Deepest Almond (Green Emerald)
Face: Heart soft
Nose: Round button Upturned
Lips: Full heart pouty (Red deep gloss)

Not sure about the background feel free to chose.
I promise I will give you a credit!!
Here is my small download%20(1)_edited cover, I would like it to be a little similar to this, please

Can you PM the cover when you are done.
Thank you in advance.
I wouldn’t like it to be the exact same thing as the small cover.
Maybe with a different cover and action would be nice. (edited)
Thank youuuuuu :grin::grin:
Oh and if you can please give me the description of how you look like so that I can create a backgroung for a credit. (unless you already have one if you do please send it to me) It will be something similar to picture 6 in your post.

I will also need some SPLASHES

  • This story uses sound
  • Contains mature themes And strong language
  • Choice Matter and have Consequences

Thank you


vcutout croptop polyester red rose
Chained pendant simple crystal red plum rose
Open front skirt cross Green olive
Water proof Black pants Leather green olive
Lace cape stiletto Heels Leather red fushia
Flower cat ears White flower

Cat suit cat mask leather white pink
Lead ankle boots leaf green
Vine arm Band leaf green
Capri tattered leaf vine flower belt leaf green
Cropped leaf vine Flower vest

hi would i be able to order a twin baby room for one boy and a girl twin they share a room

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I can sure try! No promises it will look great though.

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