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When will I get mine back? :joy:


I can do that for you! But the background has a watermark and is much to small for Episode’s requirements.


Would you be able to make me an art scene? I messaged you the details let me know (: no rush


Sure! And sorry, I didn’t see the pm. I will check it now.


will this work?


yes, but it is quite blurry, are you k with that?




Okay (:


thank you! ill be sure to credit you


Hello. I don’t want to sound rude because I’m not trying to be but I was just wondering if you were doing my splashes because you didn’t reply. If you have to many to do I can go to someone else :blush:


The outfits are -
MC male:
Accessories: nothing
Bottom: Ripped punk pants Footwear: red striped shoes
Tops: cool leather jacket, shirt (white)

MC female:
Accessories: thin clear circular glasses
Bottom: high waist jeans new
Footwear: orange pastel plataforma boots
Tops: Denim jacket, plain tank top

I just wanted to Change One thing, instead of saying “Welcome back to True Love” can you do an overlay saying that, and an overlay saying “To be continued”
And you don’t writte anything


I will be doing your splashes! There are a few requests in front of you s it may be a while. Do you need them any time soon?


No it’s fine I was just wondering if you were doing them :blush:


are u still taking requests?


Are you taking requests? If so, I really need a some backgrounds.
-elegant bedroom-white and gray with color pops

-kitchen- white, plants, lil bit rustic but still elegant


I am still takin requests, I just took a break. Sorry for not being active!


i need an overlay asap


Sorry, don’t want to sound rude but when are you going to finish my large cover?
I really need it right now…


Can you at least have the large cover done before November 17th?
That would be grand!