Jossu's art thread (Covers, Splashes, overlays...?)

Hey guys sooo I started my thread.

you can get covers, splashes and overlays

My exampels




Ofc there are rules

  • I want no drama

  • If you want something then you have to understand that I have a life

  • I can easily remove you from my waiting list if i have to

Everyone who is not patient will get out of my waiting list if I have one. And you have to understand that I have school and a life. If you don’t accept that then you can get out.

When I have 5 request then I’m not getting any request more because I’ll do them and then you can have yours done.

If you have any questions them PM me

Everything in this thread is done by me.

Even the banners i really don’t know if I should start making banners.

Let me know.

Waiting list:

Topic closed by OP request. :smiley:

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