Jossu's outline contest {Prizes}

Welcome to my OC!

This is on my instagram too, if you want to check that out.

This is for me getting 40 followers! (Actually not)

This is just because why not?

Anyway there are rules to follow.

[1] Stealing Don’t steal anyones art and DO NOT remove my watermark

[2] tracing Don’t even try to trace my outline. If you have removed my watermark accidentally then here’s my watermark.


Credit to @fcukforcookies

[3] Password If you enter add this password with your entry. OC

[4] Entries All entries submitted after March 15th (My birthday) will not be counted.

[5] Credit If you use this anywhere else credit me for my outline.

And when we’re done with that here are the prizes:

I will choose 2 winners

1st place;
A outline (Max characters 2)
Place in my story (LL)
Edit of their choice (Max characters 7)
Follow on insta and a spam of likes

2nd place;
Outline (1 character
Place in my story (LL)
Follow on insta

And here’s the outline you’ve been waiting for;


It’s a very big canvas, so the quality may be changed when you post this on your insta

Some examples


Deadline: 15th March (My birthday)


I might join!

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I can always try!

I’m joining :wink:


First Entry mah friends :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think this is one of my best works ^^


I’m new at this. So I’m probably not gonna win. Obviously. Anyways yours looks SO good!!

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Thank you :heart: but you don’t know till you try :sweat_smile: good luck

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I’ll join, I’m not that good tho OC

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Joining!! OC

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My Entries, Wasn’t sure how’d you like it soo…

With Backgrounds

Without Background

Have Fun!! :blush:

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Here’s my entry, not the best, but it’ll do

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Outline contest is off!

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So… The winners?

The contest is off, and it hasn’t ended. So there are no winners. I’ll be hosting another contest somewhere in March or the end of Feb

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Ohh Okay!