Jpassen's and catniss Magic of Wonder ART SHOP Now Open

Hey. Is it possible like a reference of something similar to what you want. I’m having a difficult understanding of what u want for the female

Oh. Give me minute

This is man and woman for pose

Is that makes sense?

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So u want them kinda like hugging like that?


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Hi !! MAGIC @Jpassen

i would like to request 2 character cards


Background- i don’t mind it can be a plain black background!!
character details-
aeres (limelight athletic female)
skin- neutral 06
brows- arched natural (black dark)
hair- over shoulder locs hair (warm white)
eyes- angular slender (hazel dark)
face- diamond
nose- round button
lips- full round pouty (red deep matte)

Apollo (male athletic body)
skin- neutral 03
medium (black dark)
hair- medium messy fluffy parted(platinum blonde)
Eyes- narrow almond deep smiling (grey cool)
face- chiseled square stubble shaved
nose- straight flat
lips- full lower lip sharp (pink peach medium matte)

outfits are the same as above!
background a blurred sunset preferably
extra details- both mc’s have a right cheek mole, Aeres has a right eye scar

My request for a cover MAGIC
by frey!
i need both by this week or next week!!


Character details are above!
pose reffende

Hey. I need you to please tag the artist and it seems like the hidden details didn’t work. If you could fix that, that would be awesome

i’m sorry i’m new to this let me try and fix it!

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Thanks for fixing it. But tbh I think this will be better drawn only because with the edit the way it is it won’t show the males face.

I also won’t be able to get it done in time for you cause I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow morning and will be gone for a week. Maybe @Frey.251 can do it for you. She’s in this shop and does drawn

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So this one might be better drawn as well only because there’s really not that many animations I can use for something like this. And unfortunately I won’t be able to get it finished in your time frame. I’m leaving tomorrow for my vacation

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That absolutely fine with me. Good luck on vacation. Let me know when you done.

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Oh I don’t do drawn work. I was just sayin it would be better drawn. I only do edited work. and thank you.

Okay, Let me find a new reference for pose. Give me a sec.

If you want it?

Yeah that will work. U can send me another one that’s similar. But again. Won’t be able to get it done till after the 22nd

I know.

Details- I want two people back-back and they will be using guns. They will be smile.
Their poses

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I can’t find a good pose reference

Ok. That works. I can do something like that.