Jpassen's and catniss Magic of Wonder ART SHOP Now Open

Hey. I’m sorry but I don’t do drawn only edited and I wouldn’t be able to get it done by thanksgiving since I’m on vacation as well

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Oh okay thank you

Hey. I won’t be able to get this done by the weekend since I’m flying back home from vacation on Saturday. I could get it done after thanksgiving but that’s the closest

Okay, that is fine. I will be waiting.

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Sorry, I forgot to put boy 2 details and poses for him.

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Hi, just wondering how’s the art scene going? No rush, just wondering :relaxed:

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Hey. Im sorry, i know that im late witj the drawings, its just that i had exams at scool and i didn’t had time to darw so much…but im gonna have some darwings done in a few hours, and your’s gonna be done to


Oh I definitely understand that since I’m a student as well. I hope you do/did amazing! And alright, don’t overwork yourself :heart:!


Hey. Here is the drawing


Let me now if you want me to change anything :blob_hearts:



It looks amazing! But the skin color is wrong, it’s supposed to be darker the shade is “Neutral 04”

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Ok. Im gonna fixx that.
What shade should i do then? Neutral 05?

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No it can stay as Neutral 04, it’s the same shade as the one you used I believe but it’s meant to look like the picture above. Also her two nose bridges are missing as well but that isn’t anything too major so it’s nothing that it can’t be without

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Ok. Im gonna change it. :blob_hearts:


Alright thank you!

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Hi i would like to request a small and large cover but can i do the small first then request the large later i would like for @Jpassen to do it of possible😀

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Character details

Female details-
Body- Tan
Brows- Defined natural
Eyes- Upturned feline/White
Face- Oval
Nose- Eleven
Mouth- Full round/ Dark

Male Details-
Body- Tan
Brows- Medium Sharp
Hair- Generic short hair/ Charcole
Eyes- Round Piercing/ Purple
Face- Chiseld square
Nose- Button
Mouth- Uneven / Terracotta


Both to have the backs up against each other with arms crossed angry





Fight To Survive

Extra details

Can u add freckles to them both and an eye brow piercing to the male

Please look at my directions again and hide ur details

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Sorry about that i think ive dine it now :sweat_smile:

No sorry not like that. If u look at others you’ll see what I mean

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Any better again sorry :see_no_evil: bet i look so stupid right now lol :laughing:

Lol it’s all good. I do things a bit different compared to other shops only because I find this way a lot easier to read and more organized it takes a bit to get used too.


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