Jpassen's and catniss Magic of Wonder ART SHOP Now Open

yw glad u like them. just make sure to credit me in every chapter since its a cover.

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I will fo do you also have instagram x

Yep. The @ I used is my Instagram

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Hey, I would like to request a pfp from @Frey.251! Please <3

  • Password: MAGIC


Character details

female generic body (Rose 03), brow arched natural scar (dark brown), beach wave hair (deep brown), eyes are delicate almond falsies (violet), face shape is diamond, the nose is Grecian soft, and the lips are full round pouty (pink beige gloss)

Pose reference

If another one is needed that is perfectly fine!


I don’t need it right away. So take your time <3

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Hey. If u could please hide the information individually like how the others did please. It’s easier of us to read

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Yes of course! My apologies :sweat_smile:

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Thank you

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Hey, I would like to request a pfp from @Frey.251
Password (must be blurred) : MAGIC


What Style (INK or LL): LL
Character Details :

Char details

Body type=Female Athlectic body (neutral 4)
eyebrows= Arched Natural Scar (Chestnut brown)
eye= Deepset Upturned Wide (Deep blue)
mouth= Full Round Flat Top Skin (Rose matte)
hair= Long Half Up Ponytail Hair (Brunette brown)
nose=Defined Natural
Face= Diamond
Floral Lace Bodice Mermaid Dress Silk Grey Black
Hanging Feather Earrings Feathers Grey Black
Silhouette Cameo Choker Ribbon Black
Chunky Tread Ankle Boots Leather Black

Pose Reference : idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
Background =

Text (if wanted)
Extra Details (importance in height, facial features, tattoos, etc.) = Please make her tall
When do you need it by? = By the end of december

I hope I filled the form right :sweat_smile:
Btw, thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m not sure if @Jpassen is still on a break or not. If she is, I can just wait until whenever she comes back.

Custom Pose Details

Password (must be blurred): MAGIC
What Style (INK or LL): LL
How many characters? 2
Character details and outfits:
Girl - Female Generic Body (Copper 02), Arched Thin (Light Brown), Medium Side Bang Double Bun (Light Brown), Round Downturned Wide (Blue Green), Round Soft, Grecian Soft, Small Heart (Pink Beige Gloss)

Boy - Male Athletic Body (Neutral 04), Furrowed Straight S (Dark Brown), Undercut Short Straight Texture (Brunette Brown), Wide Almond Deep (Brown Dark), Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved, Straight Pointed, Medium Heart (Beige Rose)

The boy character on top of the girl and they’re fighting each other. It’s a pretty serious fight for survival’s sake. I had a custom pose made for these 2 about a year or so ago when the idea was fresh in my mind. But I changed the girl’s outfit while coding recently, so I was hoping to get a different one. I have the old custom pose if you’d like it as a reference, but I can only send it via PM.

#1 - Something like this would work but no weapons need to be added

#2 - This one is a good example too and no weapons need to be added

#3 - Here’s another reference you can use.

Background if wanted or png: PNG
When do you need it by? ( Necessary! ): Anywhere between December 3rd - 8th. I can totally push it back farther though.

If i could get a picture of something similar to what u want that would be great

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Sure, I edited my previous post with some examples.

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Thank you. I’ll try to get it done soon

Hi, I’m new to forums and just recently started my first story. I’m in need of a cover and I was wondering if @Ivy_a is available for requests?


Hey welcome to forums !
If you can go back to the first post and read Jpassens post that would be great . It tell you the different rules that are required (make sure to pay attention tho as there is a password u must put on the forum that lets us know you’ve read the rules and agree to them ) as well as the form for her requests under her name and how to hide each detail . Lmk if you need any help with this or coding wise !

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Hi and thank you, I have read the rules and seen how to request from her. I just wanted to know if she was available before putting down a request. So there wouldn’t be any confusion or anything.

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Id like to request a Splash by @Jpassen please
Password- MAGIC


Style: Ink

Character details

character details + Outfits + pose if you want a character on it + Is it full body, waist up, or something else?

Full body

Body- Tan
Eyebrows- Defined natural
Eyes- Upturned feline/ Blue
Face- Soft heart
Hair- Beach wave/ Fawn
Nose- Upturned
Lips- Full round / Dark


Pose Reference

Pose- flirt wink


Background you want:


Text colour and font: Black&Gold colours and font can i have it in fancy writing please

What kind of Splash

What kind of splash is it? Follow me on Instagram for more updates @episode_staceii

Need it by?

When do you need it by? ( Necessary! )
Dont have a Pacific day as of yet so whenever u have the time.

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Hey. Thank you for following the rules.


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Custom Poses @Jpassen


Password (must be blurred) MAGIC
What Style (INK or LL) LL
How many characters? 1


Character details - Female athletic body, cooper 07, high arch angled (black dark), Long Double Dutch Braids (black dark), heavy lid falsies (brown black), soft round, Round Flared Downturned, Full Round Pouty (cooper medium gloss) Outfit- High waist skinny jeans denim blue oxford, buckled combat boots black, front cover headwrap cotton green, crew t shirt cotton white, beauty mark upper lip L, ring necklace and turtleneck inner shirt cotton black



this pose if you can


Background if wanted or png

time needed by

When do you need it by? ( Necessary! ) Saturday or sunday

Hey can u please follow my directions and hide each section individually