Jpassen's Magic of Wonder ART SHOP Now Open

I’ll let you know when I finish.

sure thanks again

Hey, Sorry for it being late, but what do u think?

Don’t forget to creadit me using
readerMessage Thanks so much @jpassen_episode for this edit!

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Hey, I might be a little late on your request. I will most definitely get it done by saturday but idk on friday. sorry. been a long week. Also, what lip color do u want?

dark matte

hiya, I’d love to join your shop, but unfortunately, I don’t have any examples of my art yet :sweat_smile: it’s a deal breaker, right?

Hey. I’m glad you like my shop. But yeah unfortunately will need to have examples so people know what you do.


If you need help with making examples pm me

i’ll keep that in mind :smile:

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Hi @Jpassen ! Someone recommended your shop to me I was wondering if you or any other creators are available?

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Hi welcome to my shop. It all depends on what you are looking for.
I added examples up top underneath our names.

I can make edited covers. Custom poses, and or art scenes (edited)

Alima can make splashes

And Catniss does proof reads.

I’m available, and the other two are as well.

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Requesting a cover from you!

  • Password MAGIC

What Style (INK or LL) Limelight
Character Details
Frank: Soft Body, Cooper 02, Round thick brows (Medium warm brown), Short striaght tucked (warm brown), deepset almond (blue deep), diamond head, define natural nose, full heart pouty (pink warm gloss)
Aurora: Female athletic body, cooper 07, high arch angled (black dark), Long Double Dutch Braids (black dark), heavy lid falsies (brown black), soft round, Round Flared Downturned, Full Round Pouty (cooper medium gloss)
Pose Reference Something like this if you can!

Outfit(s) Auroras:



Text (if wanted) Surviving The Storms
Extra Details (importance in height, facial features, tattoos, etc.) Aurora should be shorter than Frank, Aurora has a Beauty Mark Mole Upper Lip L Brown

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Requesting for a proofreader @Catniss
Password MAGIC

If you fill out her form she will be glad to help u

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Sure. Will get it done sometime this weekend.

Where is the form cos I can’t find it and if it’s a link kindly share it with me

sure. its right here. if you scroll to the top of the page and onto the bottom part of the post the list of forms are there.

Tag Proofreader
How many chapters:
Story link:

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Thank you :grinning:

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**Style: Limelight
**Description: In a town, where women belong to the kitchen and are made housewives. Chadsela embarks on a journey to achieve her goals no matter what. Will she succeed?
**How many chapters: 4 chapters
**Deadline: As soon as possible
**Story link: OV: THE HIDDEN TRUTH! Check it out! Episode - Choose Your Story #episode Episode Writer Portal