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I pmed you my thoughts and suggestions , feel free to reply back to that message with any questions ! Don’t forget to credit me with my forums name ( @Catniss ) .


@Catniss Your feedback was very helpful for the first 3 chapters of my story . I was wondering if you could also read the 4th chapter, before I publish it. :blush:


Style: LL
Description: Your life is perfectly planned until a mysterious stranger saves you from the hands of death. From now on, life is going to be a roller coaster. Will you survive this journey? CC,LL
How many chapters: 1 (only chapter 4)
Story link: She-Devil
When do you need it by? As soon as possible :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help :heart:


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What do you mean by password?

If you read my directions there’s a password up at the top and u need to blur it before anyone can accept ur request

Thanks I don’t like to read so my bad sorry

With these kinds of things you need to read others no one can accept anything. Rules are important to this community with these things

Okay thanks for helping me I’ll make sure I read next time

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Feel free to pm with any questions or concerns you may have !


I have two characters for the cover
Password MAGIC
Style; Ll
Character details
Female athletic cooper 02
Arched thin Deep brown
Wavy Long Platinum ice
Round downturned Wide Brown Medium
Round button upturned
Small heart Pink warm gloss
Male Athletic Body Cooper 02
Round thin Dark brown
Medium Side curls Black dark
Deep Set heavy lid Brown dark
Chiseled square Stubble shaved
Button round
Medium straight natural Fair Natural Matte
Pose Reference
Girl* flirt shy pose
Boy* Flirt Coy at camera

Screenshot 2022-09-29 8.48.04 PM
** I would like a custom background I would like it to have pink in it and I would like it to have a little bit of blue **
It would just be the title of my story which is. Under The New Moon
There is no specific height for my characters I just need the girl to be a little shorter than the boy
When I need it doesn’t really matter but I would like it before October 31st
Again thanks so much if you do accept

we don’t make custom backgrounds sorry. I only get free ones from online.

You also didn’t read my rules correctly. Please fix It. I need tag the artist and hide your details like the others did.

I have how to hide details in my directions. It shows u step by step of how to do it. So please fix these before anyone accepts ur request

You also didn’t fill my form. Please re read my directions

Password: MAGIC
What Style (INK or LL):



Character Details


Heather (in the chair shushing)

body: Female Athletic Body- Rose 10

brow: Arched Natural-Black Jet

hair: Natural Afro- Black Dark

eyes: Heavy Lid Upturned Falsies- Brown Black

face: Diamond

nose: Grecian Soft

lips: Full Round Pouty-Plum Gloss

Character size:5’5’’

Ryota(standing behind the chair)

Body: Male Athletic Body-Cooper 00

Brow: Male Generic-Dark Brown

Hair: -Small Ponytail Wavy Parted Hair-Brown Black

Eyes: Delicate Almond-brown black

Face: Male Generic

Nose: Aquiline Medium

Lips: Full Heart Natural-Pink Beige Gloss

Character size:6’0’’

Hayate(on the far right sitting on the arm of the chair)

Body: Male Athletic Body-Neutral 01

Brow: Furrowed Raised S-Chestnut brown

Hair: Shoulder Length Tousled-platinum white

Eyes: Monolid Slender-brown black

Face: Male Generic

Nose: Grecian Narrow

Lips: Medium Heart-fair neutral matte

Character size: 5’8

Pose Reference:


Main group pose

Heather’s face pose








Text (if wanted)


the tiltle: The Yakuza’s Secret

Extra Details (importance in height, facial features, tattoos, etc.):


Font Style: messy graffiti (red color) something like (either or)

Mood: menacing, degenerate dangerous, urban grunge. Light+ shadow effect with light, Light direction: straight forward with the light beam circle touching the background, Light color: white light.Heather facing the camera, Ryota facing slightly right looking towards the camera, and Hayate facing right. The title will be on the wall/background if it doesn’t work put it where you like.

When do you need it by? ( Necessary! )

Needed by November.

Please re-read my directions underneath I ask to hide the details. I have a step by step guide on how to do it and u can look at the other posts as a guide

Ok, I understand I fixed the issue.

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I’ll try to get it as close to that as I can for you. And thank you for fixing it