JR"s Outline Coloring Book!

Hey All You Cool Cat’s And Kittens! I was getting kind bored and was wondering if anybody would like to give me their INK outline. I am going to be coloring them for ya’ll cause I am sooo bored🥴! Anyways also tell me your characters details and the color of shirt, you know what here’s the form😅


INK Char Details:
Clothes/ Custom Or episode:
Any other Character Details that are not on episode? Like different hair color or thing such as the emo hair look and etc.:
Anything else you would like?

Thx Babes!


Skin: Honey
Brow: Medium Angled
Hair: High Ponytail
Eyes: Upturned feline
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Elven
Lips: Classic (Ruby red)


Any background
Brown hair with blonde highlights
If you need a plain outline instead of with the clothes let me know.
Thanks! :cloud:

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