JSON string does not represent a dictionary?

There’s no error in the actual script and the overlay and commands are spelt correctly as far as I’m concerned. I’m trying to move my overlay but instead of moving there’s the “JSON string does not represent a dictionary” thing on the right hand side. I’ve tried reloading as well, does anyone know a solution?

In Java, the JSON error means that it doesn’t follow the syntax, so I think you need to re arrange your phrasing of the code for it to work.


Okay, so u need:

  1. Your background
  2. U u need to have your opacity with the overlays.

@overlay LEFTARROW create
@overlay LEFTARROW opacity 1 in 0

@overlay RIGHTARROW create
@overlay RIGHTARROW opacity 1 in 0

and maybe refresh your page and then add in the rest of your overlay coding, and I have not heard, JSON string does not represent a dictionary? why is that so funny.


Lol it was the background, accidentally deleted it. Thanks!


Lol, no problem. :cowboy_hat_face:

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