JUDGES NEEDED: recruiting judges for community writing contest

On Monday, I posted a concept thread proposing a community writing contest as we haven’t seen one announced by episode in QUITE a while. Thankfully, It got positive reception and interest from the community- so a contest is currently in development!

Original Contest Thread

CONCEPT: Community Contest

I am working with @Lilyarts, @Elaina2, and @EpisodeNaddy to create guidelines, judge criteria, and a rubric to eventually launch this officially (unofficially…)! We are at the stage where we are looking to recruit judges, so if you are not interested in joining the contest, but rather, wanting to contribute towards picking the winners, please reach out to me via private message if you meet the criteria listed below!

Note: Judges will not be allowed to enter the contest.

Judge Requirements:

  • Judges must read all contest entries
  • Judges must fill out the grading rubric for all contest entries
  • Judges must write a brief review for each contest entry
  • Judges must have an instagram account
  • Judges must have an episode forums account
  • Judges must be knowledgeable on the contest rubric
  • Judges must not display any bias towards a particular story and vote honestly

The Recruitment Process:

If you wish to judge in the community contest, you can reach out to @r.lewis_writes (me) on forums or instagram. I will ensure you meet all the judge requirements, then I will send you a story to review as well as a grading rubric. If you grade and review the story in a fair, thoughtful and honest manner, you will be welcomed into our team of judges for the contest!

How Many Judges Will Be Needed?

We are looking to recruit 5-10 judges for this contest, if possible.

Why We Need Judges

Lily, Elaina, Naddy and I are working very hard to put together a contest that the community can feel secure and excited about entering. We want to make sure stories are graded and judged fairly by a diverse array of knowledgable judges so that the winning entries will be selected with very little to no doubt from the community that the proper time and consideration was taken. We need judges so that we can offer that through this contest. Anyone willing to take this time will be greatly appreciated-- we are very excited about building our team of judges!


Can I ask why this is s necessary rule?

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We added that rule to ensure that the judges have experience directing and writing on episode. The published part adds another layer of experience to show they completed at least 3 episodes which would give them a better understanding of the elements that go into creating and releasing a story. I hope that offered a bit more understanding and made sense!


Alright. Would have loved to, but the rule stands. Good luck! :sparkles:

We’ve changed up the rules a bit to make it more reasonable. I sent you a private message if you are still interested!

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I would 100% be interested in joining this team! :heart:
Unfortunately I have a lot of personal responsibilities at the moment and would need enough time to read/ allow passes to refill and give a good assessment.
If this offer is still available I would be interested in trying to join.


Now that you’ve removed the have one published story obligation I’m actually eligible to be one haha but I just know I can’t commit to it especially since we don’t know how many entries there would be, and what about paying for passes to read them all? I assume the judging period would take this into consideration and would probably have more time to judge so that the passes can refill on their own. But I’m excited to try to enter the contest at least! Have you determined a theme yet?


I do not have Instagram and I have not released any stories, but I meet all of the other requirements. My semester of college ends at the end of the week, so I will have plenty of time on hand to write thorough reviews and give fair analyses of stories. I don’t know much about Episode authors, so I don’t hold much in the way of bias over different authors. (Unless you count strong opinions about bad tropes vs good tropes.)

That being said, I also want to enter. It really depends upon the prompt.

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The judging period will accommodate for passes, but since we don’t know how many entries we will have to go through until the deadline, we can’t exactly determine that time frame just yet. Yes, it will be a decent amount of reading, so we appreciate anyone willing to step up to that role!

I’m glad you’re considering entering! I really hope you end up feeling inspired by the prompt. Just as a reminder, you can either enter the contest or judge the entries-- if you do one, you cannot do the other.

Yes, we have picked a prompt! It will not be announced until we official create the thread+instagram post announcing the contest, but it will be revealed soon enough <3

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The stories are no longer a requirement, but unfortunately having an instagram account is a big one because we will be deliberating our choices through the group chats on the app. If you would be willing to make an account, you are welcomed!

There’s no big rush to decide, hopefully you feel inspired by the prompt!


I am still debating the whole Instagram thing- part of why I like Episode is that you can gain relative “fame” while still keeping some degree of anonymity.

Im so glad this is actually happening!Good luck with organising everything!!:sun_with_face:


You can absolutely make an anonymous type insta account! A lot of community members (myself included) have Episode-specific accounts with no ties to our personal info. You can definitely use it to keep in touch with other people in the Episode community without posing a security risk to yourself.


A bit too scatter-brained to join, but I do hope my comment boosts this post, so that you guys can find the people needed to make this happen! : D


When would the judging likely take place? I dont know whether to judge or enter :sweat_smile:

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Thank you so much! The team is growing, slowly but surely! <3


The judging will take place 12 weeks after the deadline for the contest. We aren’t certain on when that is yet as we haven’t officially announced the contest, but it’s safe to bet that judging will be 12 weeks from this week or next!

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That’s awesome! Thank you for getting back to me. I will think it over and let you know. I am pretty active on the App (I mostly read Episode or Romance Club) and I do have commitments in June but after that I am pretty free.

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Maybe some categories could include:

  1. Fits the prompt and genre the story is labeled as
  2. Correctness of spelling, proper grammar, tense consistency*
  3. Cohesive plot (beginning, middle, and ending of the story are all connected, the “direction” of the story is clear)
  4. Directing (not just the elaborate camera work and fancy animations with overlays, but the way that the story is presented)

*Does the writer switch back-and-forth between past, present, and/or future tense (causing the flow of the writing to be choppy and disjointed), or does the writer only use the tense that best fits the timeline?

I might be getting way too caught up in this idea for someone who doesn’t think she will be a judge… I also can be quite critical sometimes when it comes to things like this.


I also agree on all these points, but I just want to make a note on the grammar and spelling - the judges should be aware of the different spellings from different areas of the world. For example customization and customisation. Another example is analyze and analyse. Just so they don’t take points off simply because it’s not written like where they’re from.