Julia's Free Art Shop! [CLOSED for now]

Hello everyone! I do splashes, covers & banners! I can do limelight and ink and obviously it’s for free. It usually takes around 25m-1hr depending on what you asked for and what you want!!


  • Please be patient! I am really detailed and it does take time.

  • Be as detailed as possible! That’ll help me nail do cover the way you want it!

  • Send you’re character(s) info (what type of eyes, hair, nose etc.) everything and for limelight you have to send a screenshot of your character(s) as well and for ink it’s optional, but if you want me to have a better idea of your character it’s recommended.

*Tell me what you think! Don’t be afraid to tell me what you want removed/added or me to redo it! It’s YOUR cover/splash and I WANT to make it as perfect as possible and what YOU want!

Okay so here are some examples of splashes and covers I made! These will have watermarks (obviously). As you will see, one has been edited (contour, highlight etc!) you can have that or you can have just the original ink avatar! Obviously, if you choose edited version it’ll add on 10-15 minutes because it takes time. Please specify if you want edited or original.

Also for wait lists, I have one on my phone so don’t worry! I find it way more confusing if I either post it own here or try to scroll down. I’ll be going by comment order so goodluck!


Do you do character detail banners?

Yes! For you’re character detail it depends on what you want (time wise.) So like full face (contour, highlight etc.) will only take 10 minutes. Full body will take 20! What are you looking for and what style (Ink or Limelight?)

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Okay, I need 2.
Skin: Light
Brows: Medium curved
Hair: Long feathered fawn
Eyes: Upturned bold purple
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Celestial
Lips: Classic cherry red

Blue Attorney Skirt
Cross Front Top
BW Sandals

Skin: Light
Brows: Mature Grand fawn
Hair: Spiked up hair fawn
Eyes: Classic round auburn
Face: Square jaw
Nose: Bull
Lips: Classic blush

Open simple hoodie (Cabernet)
Tank top (Cream)
Large Stitch Jeans (Sonoma Blue)
Skater Guy Red Sneakers

Full face (whatever is faster is fine)

Background is up to you.

Perfect! I’ll start ASAP. Do you want them to do any poses or anything?

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It’s up to you!

For the female shirt, it just said cross front top and there’s multiple colours. I finished both of the characters and for her shirt I just went with white, that okay?

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Yeah sure.

I need 2 please

Hair - Diva Curls - Black
Eyes - Downturned Natural - Taupe
Faceshape - Round
Lips - Full round - Rose
Nose - Celestial
Skin - Tan
Eyebrows - Seductive Arch

Black Biker Jacket
Pink Girly Suspender Dress
Pink Pastel Platform Boots

Eyes - Deepest Piercing - Blue
Faceshape - Chiseled Square
Skin - Olive
Nose - Button
Lips - Smirk - Blushed
Eyebrows - Thin Arch

Ripped Punk Pants
Muscle Tank White
Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)
Black Hightop Dance Shoes

walk scared
I know she won’t be walking but I’d like to have that post inbehind the male :slight_smile:

MALE pose
Could you please make it where he’s holding a gun? <3

Background is up to you :slight_smile:

Story Title

Sooner or Later

Thanks soo much <3

Yes sure! I’m almost done the previous one. Are you asking for a banner or a cover?

So sorry I didn’t specify, but I would like a cover please <3

I forgot to tell you his hair but it’s Short Chopped and color is Black



Here ya go! Sorry the airbrush kinda went out of control. I went for a flowery/park theme! I hope you like it. Sorry for the wait, I finished it an hour or so ago but I had to see my requests in dms. PLEASE tell me if there’s anything to fix.

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I love it!
How do I credit?

Doesn’t matter, just at the end of you’re story where you credit templates and stuff. It doesn’t have to be in the description or anything big like that!

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Thanks again!
By the way, what size is this?

Sorry, forgot to mention that. It’s 1084 x 642 so you don’t have to resize it or anything like that.

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Perfect! Starting it in the morning when I wake up. I’ll keep you updated :slight_smile: